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2007 Chevrolet Colorado (5 Reviews)
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I bought my chevy Brand SPANKIN new. since, ive replaced the brake light switch 6 times replaced the ACDELCO shi**y stock radio 3 times wich cost me $400 each time eventually i just removed it and put in an aftermarket radio for about $100 bucks (wich works great btw), replaced the blower motor resistor shortly before replacing the blower motor itself, the THEFT DETER SYSTEM is the most ignorant and retarded stupid F**king thing ever to be installed on the dam* thing. it has not been starting when i want it to, isnt that the whole purpose of buying a vehicle is to be able to drive somewhere when u want to or NEED to, it does it often usually in the mornings like the Prick it is, i was stuck in my PJ's last monday morning for 1 hour at the gas pumps b/c the shi**y thing just DECIDED it didnt want to start. F**K YOU GM RECALL THE SH**ty theft deterent system, and as to my understanding this isnt just happening with my colorado its with ALL makes and models Chevy has produced from as far back as 93.
Warranty problems from day one should have turned it in after the 5th attempt. stalling issues lack of power and going into limp mode and of course Chevy has no ideas unless it runs an error code. Running lean changed 02 sensor like suggested still stalling. Oh its the 5 cylinder pos.
I tried this truck off-road, and the cap for the diff is oversize and very fragile, even snow can catch the cap and cause leak and you know............ its my problem now....... 1200$ for an used diff.......... not an off-road truck................. very disappointed.....
We bought the truck because my old s-10 just didn't have enough room. Beings we were having ower son. I wish I would have bought a 4x4 model to get a little higher ground clearance. I still don't get why earlier models had fog lights and trailer lights hook up. But I'm not complaining about the truck, it's a great running truck for a young family. My wife uses it as her daily driver. I've had family members who sat in the back and didn't complain about not enough leg room like I've heard from s-10 owers and other small truck owners out there.
I have been extremely impressed with my Colorado. It has run great since the day I bought it and have never had any problems. It pulls well while towing; plenty of power. It also does very well off road, even in deep mud and snow. Cruising around with a combination of city and highway driving I usually get about 18-19 mpg.