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2005 Chevrolet Colorado (18 Reviews)
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Purchased my 2005 Chevrolet Colorado new and have had very few problems with the overall vehicle. Had any items corrected that had a recall on it and I am still using it as a daily driver today with roughly 241,000 miles on it. One of the best vehicles I have owned and will continue to drive it until its ready to retire. Only issue I have dealt with on a routine basis is the higher than normal engine temperature but it has never gone pass the 3/4 mark on the temperature gauge. They definitely don't make radiators like they use too. These have a 1 row radiator with plastic tanks which I am not a big fan of but hopefully by adding a secondary electric cooling fan I can get the cooling system to work alot better than it has been. Overall a very good vehicle and love the gas mileage!
Buy this new in 05 .The CD player died at 30k miles on it . Back window leaked . The AC quit working at 40k . Nothing but electrical problems .I am forever done with Chevy .ABS system is a nightmare
I wasn't planning to write a review, but after reading the many negative reviews here I thought I'd relay my positive experience. I bought my 2005 Colorado early in 2008 L5 3.5L. I traded in a 1999 V6 Ford Ranger which I owned for 7 years. I drove both trucks for the same amount of time, traded them both in at about 100,000 miles. Both were good trucks, but the Colorado got better fuel economy (25-27 MPG highway), towed my 2,500 pound boat and trailer much easier, and maintenance and repair cost over over the time of ownership on the Colorado was much less than half than on the Ranger. I did have to replace the vent valve, which seems to a problem spot. About the only negative for me is the turning radius, which seems wider than necessary. I spent the last year looking for a newer Colorado, settled on low mileage 2012 model, hoping my experience with this one is as good.
I now have 72,300 mile on my truck 05 crew cab I=5 engine, the only problems (major ) is electrical seems bad grounding problems to bad connectors where the wires push in and are suppose to click, well sometimes they do and sometime they do not I sent cheevy a e-mail they let me know the received the e-mail and then NOTHING, General motors ( government motors ) MUST know by now we have a electrical problem with the Colorado and canyon I assume are the same, I have purchased Chevrolet all my life but may consider Ford next time.... I think the bail out money given them was a damn waste
I have had nothing but problems with this truck since the day I bought it. It had 18000 miles on it when I purchased the vehicle. The next day I had to take it back to Chevy to replace the alternator and the battery after only being a day old. I live in the Midwest and have had to change out at least one if not 2 rims every year. I did own a 2001 Silverado Z71 before this and that lasted 225000 miles before I had to Junk it. As for the Ac and Heat it goes out every year since I bought the resistor, blower, fan, wiring harness you name it I have had to replace it at least 3 times now. The battery only lasts a year or 2. Chevy really screwed me on this one. One more thing every Chevy Dealership I have brought it to has told me that they could do nothing for me to fix it so I have had to take it upon my self to fix everything. Chevy if your going to build a truck make sure your mechanics know how to work it Bolingbrook, Naperville, Aurora, Joliet I can keep going but I am sure you all get the point. The rating system made me rate the Heating and Ac if I could I would have given it no stars. Very undeserving
blower motor sometimes won't run suspect maybe bad ground wire?also pass elec. window won't work, are they connected through the ground wire?
2005 Chevy Colorado heater core already bad.

other than evap. issues,(faulty gas caps) my truck has been very reliable. the truck now has just over 80,000 miles on it.
I moved to the Chevy Colorado 2006 4 cylinder because they touted 185 HP and better mileage. Sure sorry I did. I used to drive the Mazda B-series trucks(Real Mazda 1986-93 trucks). Had issues with bone jaring idle on many occaisions which would clear up ... until it did not. Took to me Chevy dealer to o avail. They are helpless. Would have had better luck taking it to the Amish blacksmith. I finally solved the issue. Had to tell the mechanic what to fix. Camshaft solenoid valve. Notorious issue which no Chevy dealer owns up to. They changed the design to fix the problem .. but they do not let it be known. Head issues which the dealer ignored. Now I'm past warranty. Cats plugged up and damaged the rings. Now I have a growling sound which I suspect is u-joints, rear end or transmission. Emergency brakes have been hung up since I bought it (12,000 miles at purchase). Extended cab without reclining seats. They say it is an option ???? Good selling point. Regular key lock ... only keyed on driver's side. Always embarasing to get in the truck then unlock the door inside so my wife can get in. Who the heck designs these things??? I'd fire most of the engineers and put Fred, the hammer mechanic in charge. No wonder we bought into the foreign car companies, we have lost touch with serving our customers. I can put an old 225 Dodge slant six in this and get better mileage and actually pull a trailer. At best I can get 23 MPG on the highway. 16-17 in town. If I put my 5x8 vee nose trailer on the back, I get 13 MPG. I used to get 18MPG with my Mazda, and it pulled better.
Forgot to mention that the anti-lock brakes did not work at 22,000 miles. Damn near got me in an accident. WIth a bad sensor, THEY WILL NOT STOP THE TRUCK. Went through intersections twice ... only travelling 35MPH at the time (in town). I pulled the fuse ... I now have brakes.
Background on me ... Have national aclaim as a race car driver. I have worked on cars most of my life. I built the race car which after 30 years, still has notoriety. I will never buy another Colorado, probably not a Chevy either. Wish Mazda would sell their trucks here again (not the Ford) Sorry for the book..........
The blower motor is not the problem it is the resistor and you can get it at NAPA for $14
I bought the Chevrolet Colorado based on the strength of my S-10. Big mistake. Chevy took an excellent truck and replaved it with a lousy one that was much more expensive. The interior is sparse, with none of the little things that makes life easy. The door armrests have zero, and I mean zero, padding. On long trips your elbow will begin to ache, and there is no place else to put your arm. They didn't put in visor extenders, either. I'm sure Chevy saved about 50 cents per vehicle on that cost saving measure. You can't swap the visors out with Silverado or other visors, because they have a three bolt attchement instead of two. The bed rails are narrower at the back than at the front, which means no accessories fit the Colorado bed. Don't believe me? Go to any autoparts supplier and look at the accessories available for every other American truck on the market, then look at what is available for the Colorado. Don't think you are ever going to tie anything down in the bed, either. The tie-downs are all in the corners, and naturally there are no stake pockets. The turning radius is horrible, and doesn't make up for the cramming of the engine components under the hood by giving any appreciable space increase inside. I've had two factory stereos go south, and am now having transmission problems. I had expected to own this truck for at least ten years, but am going on six and ready to throw it off a cliff. If you are considering a used Colorado, run. The owner is trying to dump his problems on you!
Mine has been one thing after another. I have had to put 2 rearends in it and the check engin light comes on and shows reduced power and will not go over 30. I have had the breaks lock up and I also have had to replace a sensor to past emission
I have 64,000 miles on my 2005 colorado. The blower went out at about 40,000 so it only blows air when the fan is set to the highest - 4. The cd player also stopped accepting cd's. It won't pull in CDs anymore.
My 1st post got deleted when I did the repost, so I'll use a different zip code this time. Anyhow, I've had 2 batteries die leaving me stranded - there are NHTSA bulletins out there about battery draw issues & those are what have killed my batteries after only 2 years use each time. As for my AC system, I've had to have it fixed 3 times - sensor was bad once, then the motor, then the resistor. Very irritatig all these elctrical issues.
Aha - it gave it 4 stars overall, so to clarify I'll rate it with 1 star only this time because the electrical system issues with the dying batteries as well as the multiple repairs to my heating / AC system have been a horrible experience.
I have 166000 miles, purchased new after having a GMC Sonoma and before that a 85 S-10 all bought new and while I am happy with the design of the truck the workmanship in some areas is lacking. I have a recurring passlock sensor problem, and engine check light frequently illuminates with the common issue being an emissions code. The blower resister is a problem causing the blower work intermittently and the CD player went out after having it two years. I continue to drive it because I cannot afford to get rid of it and running to the dealership is too costly to repair these glitches so I either leave them or fix what I can myself. Next time around think I will try something different.
Bought the Colorado new in 2005 have 40,000 miles on it had one thing to fix the A/C fan blower resister went south. Other than that its been perfect.
I like it, and it's a good all around truck.