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2010 Chevrolet Cobalt (3 Reviews)
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piece of crap chevrolet should be sued for selling this trash to people. Have bought my last two cars from them and have lost thousands of dollars and could have been killed. Will never buy anything else from them because they do not stand behind their products or warranties.
I purchased a brand new 2010 Cheverlot Cobalt in October 2010 and I've experienced countless problems with it ever since. From the start I've encountered the following issues:

1) A/C unit that didn't work (didn't blow cool air) the first time it was turned on in April 2011. Same problem occured again in summer of 2012.
2) Improperly installed steering column which cause the vehicle to pull to the left
3) AUX audio jack that was loose causing the radio to switch to the AUX setting on it's own (usually when driving over a bump in the road or when taking a turn) as well as my ipod to cut in and out while running
4) Rear passenger doors that wouldn't close properly (had to use some force to close)
5) Poorly installed trunk (there's a 2" gap on the drive side, and none on the passanger side of it), should be even...

I had the 50,000km warranty with my vehicle, which I tried to take advantage of as the problems were mounting, one after the other. I took it to the service centre at the dealership at which it was purchased at several times, where I was told that the car was fine and that there weren't any problems with it. So I took it to another dealership service centre where they were able to "fix" a couple of the issues mentioned above, however the problems re-surfaced soon thereafter and continue to this day. My vehicle has since been driven more then 50,000km and now I am left with a faulty car with no warranty. As a result, I took it to a third party alignment specialist to get the steering column adjusted so that it drive straight (which it never used to). When I called the dealership and then GM Corporate to request reimbursement for all the repairs I had to pay for, I was told that they could not as I took it to an unauthorized service centre and I was basically S.O.L.

I advise anyone reading this to NEVER purchase GM product as their product and service is atrocious! I can go on about it all in more detail, but I won't. #lemonlaw
My first Cobalt was a 2008 LS sedan that was assigned to me at work. I was not happy about it but decided to make the best of it. I drove it 68k in 18 months and had one problem. The fan setting selector went out with 2k miles. After that, nothing wrong with the car at all. Flawless, impressive power for a 4cyl and excellent fuel economy.

I liked the car so much that I bought an LS coupe in 2010 at the end of the model year. The dealer really wanted to get rid of it and I paid 5000 below sticker. I have had no problems with it and it is even more powerful than the '08 I drove for work. I am very picky about my vehicles and am more than happy with this one.