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2008 Chevrolet Cobalt (11 Reviews)
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2008 Chevy Cobalt, having issues with it now where it wont start it shows a lock signal (security feature) and no other lights go on. Found there is a grounding leak somewhere but the only way I could get the car to start is by running an electric wire from the windshield wiper metal frame to the body of the car (yeah! I know its BS) have no idea what is wrong with it.
I purchased my cobalt new and put a gm performance air cleaner on. I now have 72000 miles on it and it looks and runs great. Oh I did have to put tires on it. I will trade it in someday (when it wears out) for a new cobalt again
Great vehicle. Most of the complaints appear to be driver neglect. Rims dont bend because tire went flat overnight. Hit a pothole hard enough will bend any rim. Motors blow because people think oil never needs to be changed. After market sunroofs are always terrible. You want luxury buy a lexus. You want an affordable car that will last, buy a Cobalt.

If you hate American manufacturers, buy a Tundra at least. It is made in San Antonio, TX, by Americans.
I purchased a base LS sedan one month ago. This car is awesome. Excellent fuel mileage, the car has great pick up. Cute little car, but copuld use just a tad more interior room.
I bought my 2008 Chevy Cobalt new and at 37000 miles the driver side speaker stops working and the driver side window some times does not go down. Now at 43000 miles I have a water leak on my passanger side from my air conditioner also other problems. This car has been nothing but a headache since it has passed its warranty. I will never buy another Chevy again because this has been my second Chevy that I started to have problems with since the warranty ran out.
Bought '08 Cobalt LS for $13,500 and just turned 50K miles in July 2010. Good value for the money. No problems except one of the tire pressure sensors went out. Need new tires anyway. The interior is cheap but you buy this car for overall value. It's not a luxury sedan, it gets you from point A to point B. Keep that in mind and you will appreciate the car. Also, a lot of cabin room and trunk space compared to other cars in the class. Plenty of power in the 2.2 engine which was a big factor going with this over other comparable cars. I get about 35 MPG, a little more when long distance driving.
So I bought a brand new never drivin 07 cobalt ltz in 2007 its now 2010 I've put more money into the car then you should have to. It now has 64000 miles on it and has a transmission problem. And I had to change the exaust system afta almost 2 years of having it. The power steering oin it is gone and the dealer can't fix it cuz there waitin on the part and been waitin since I got the recall notice back in january of 2010. Its a sharp car looks beautiful but will never buy anotha chevy its just a cheap made hunk of plastic your better off buying a match box......
This car looked great in the dealership but when the deal was done i soon realiazed this car was made out of cheap material inside and outside i dont know why GM would do such a thing to a car i mean the interior sucks its all cheap and plastic looking they didnt even try to decorate it the whole deal about being fwd.
I was driving this car today and all of a sudden the power steering went off and crashed it into the curb now the front axle is damaged followed by front right fender displacement and side skirt displascement causing both to break.
Girlfriend bought it brand new, NEVER had any issue's. So to you that do not like this car, i am sorry your cars must have been built on a monday or a friday. Monday cause the auto makers were still hung over from the weekend or a Friday cause they were ready to hit the door running to the bars. Sorry you got a lemon hope you continue to support our country and buy AMERICAN. (although nothing is american anymore due to all the jobs going to mexico or over sea's) But i will drive chevrolet until the day i DIE.
I Hate this car its the biggest piece of crap i ever owned!