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2007 Chevrolet Cobalt (8 Reviews)
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All around great car, I love it!
We had real night mare of a car,towed it to wrecking yard,got $200 bucks for it. Called local GM dealer about a Cobalt,Brought one to our door,said take it for the day,bring it back at 5.00 pm. We loved it,what sold me ? That 2007 Cobalt 4 Dr sedan Automatic was a real fast little car, I couldn't beleave how responsive it was.Now we bought the car at Xmas time, cash on the barrel head,$10,250.00 + Taxes.Now Love77,528 Kilometres== around 46.000 miles,just bought a serpentine belt,still doesn't need one i'm just keeping it in truck in case,returned the FRt brake pads and Rr brake shoes still don't need them either.Love this little Bomb
48,000 miles - mostly highway - ignition cylinder is sticking. Chevy Customer Service (1.800.222.1020) says to take it to the dealer for diagnostics and IF it is found to be defective they will CONSIDER applying the diagnostic fee to the cylinder replacement. I'll stick with my mechanic.

Prior to this the windshield wipers would quit moving in the rain but never presented a problem when I'd take it in. A friend "testified" to the malfunction when he was with me and got the motor replaced.

Problem with maintaining alignment and a there's a shimmy in the steering wheel. Dealership insists it's fine despite having to replace the tires at 25,000 miles and the wear on the tires is obvious again. First Chevy...and likely last if I can find someone who will buy this burden.
Engine blew and bushings worn out on control arms with less than 45k miles on it. Junk from GM. Losing my faith in General Motors.
Prior to buying the 2007 LS Chevy Cobalt my family has owned two cavaliers. One of which ran until 200,000 miles. So I was super excited when as a full time college student I found this particular cobalt brand new for a price I could afford monthly. Unfortunately, three years later I could easily have owned 3 cars for the amount of money I have put forth in repairs in this vehicle. If I was even to begin to list the issues I would be here all night. I will start with the biggest and most expensive; at about 30,000 miles I started having engine issues, and was told by the dealer numerous times it was the spark plugs, and they were "being replaced." Only to find when the issues started to get worse, the spark plugs were not the problem, and my whole engine had to be torn apart and fixed for over 2,000 dollars (that was a deal from my mechanic). My check engine light has been on since, and no matter what I do to the vehicle it will not shut off. Since then I've had numerous issues, and can easily say I've put forth about half the cost of the car in mechanical work. It tends to shake a lot on the highway, and can be very scary at times. I have had regular maintenance on this car since the day I purchased it, and the dealerships I have tried to contact have been of no help. I thought I was driving away with an amazing car, only to find out thousands of dollars later it was a huge mistake. I will never ever again purchase a car like this.
good car easy to work on cheap parts
Im happy with mine i have a 2.4SS and i love it
I bought this car as a poor high school/college student. I was looking for a nice low mileage car that got decent gas mileage, to get me through school. This car served that purpose in a great way. I bought it used with 37k miles and I haven't had a single problem with it. I maintain it very well and it's a very comfortable and smooth ride. I didn't like the lack of power windows, locks, and cruise control; but for the price I paid this car was definitely worth it. It is great for students or people that don't have a lot of money to spend on a nicer car. I once owned a used Acura with all the bells and whistles, but with high mileage. I much prefer my low-mileage Chevy.