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2006 Chevrolet Cobalt (12 Reviews)
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I bought a used 2006 Cobalt coupe back in 2009 for my daughter with 63K on the odometer. Nearly 6 years later, we just traded it off with over 170K on the little thing. Had issues with the ignition switch and power steering but both were covered under recalls. I initially paid for the ignition switch repair but was reimbursed by GM following the recall. Minimal problems in nearly 110,000 miles of use. Had a lower control arm bushing go bad, the climate control module was replaced because the fan wouldn't work, put in a battery, 2 sets of tires and 1 set of brakes. Always started good, ran well, got exceptional mileage and drove smoothly. The interior was cheap but it wan't a luxury car. The thing still has no rust on it and that is saying something for spending it's life in MN. I was very happy with it and I still got about 1/3 of what I paid for it on trade. Some of the things I read on these reviews don't sound like real problems (ignition cylinder sticking? Huh?) and some just sounds like GM bashing. In my opinion, most modern cars will deliver reliable service if you just take care of them.
in 2012 I sold my wonderful yet old cavalier and bought a 2006 chevy cobalt... Ive regretted it ever since. The place I bought it completed all the appropriate recalls on it before they gave it to me. and yet the check engine light comes on whenever its cold outside, and goes off whenever i try to have it checked.

Ive had the diagnostics run multiple times but no matter what I have had fixed it never works. and then the beginning of this winter it began stalling, a lot. Until one day it wouldnt start. it was making this horrible loud ticking/clanking sound when I tried to start it. long story short, the timing chain (not belt) broke. Which supposedly should not break this soon.

This means I have to get a whole new motor. Now, I come from a family whos been faithful to Chevrolet. My cavalier was wonderful! but to be honest, if your looking into buying a Cobalt.... well...


because of the engine light/ stalling problem, Ive been looking into reviews, recalls, and much more about these cars. I am very disappointed with Chevrolet.

I should have bought a ford... and i hate fords. but i probably would have had a better vehicle then this. When I do manage to pull myself out of all the debt this junk car has put me in, I will NEVER EVER buy another chevrolet...

and to anyone who has had the same misfortune as I, well, maybe if we make enough noise chevy will stand up and and be held accountable for their mistakes.... one can only hope
I bought a used 2006 Cobalt (manual tranny) with 21k miles on it in 2010. It ran fine for 200 miles then had the fuel recall issue. They tried to pull that "your vin isn't in the range" crap with me too. Get in their face and threaten a lawsuit from lung cancer (gas fumes in car) and ignition source and they were all over it for FREE. At times when I come to a stop the Revs will shoot up to 2k and drop to 500. I just pull the butterfly out and clean it... works for about 3k miles. Check Engine light came on with 29k miles. Boyfriend disconnected it at the battery before we could read the code, so have no idea what that was. Wasn't running rough. Body Control Module? What the heck? I am the Body Control Module -- if I turn left the car better turn with me!! There are SO many sensors who knows what it was (smacking boyfriend). Other than that , it's got 29300 and no major probs yet. Even though low mileage it's still a 2006 so the parts are aged. Weather stripping is a disaster. Cheap car, but it will have to do. I, too, came from a Cavalier I loved.
I purchased a 2006 Cobalt brand new. The car has been reliable until this year (2012). Started having problems with power steering light coming on and a "bucking" sensation. Took it to Chevy dealer and of course they couldn't get the problem to duplicate. Though they did pull off stored codes in the car indicating that the BCM (Body Control Module) was not communicating. They did NOTHING about it and sent the car back to me. 10 days later driving this car, "jerking" sensation starts again, power steering light comes on, car's speedometer went from 30 MPH down to 0, and back and forth when this jerking was happening. Car towed in yet again and mechanics could not duplicate problem, so the car came back to me. Got GM involved with this issue and what a waste of time that has been. They have not helped me in any way, not even to soak up the cost of maintenance that I find I have to put into this piece of junk. I have been put through alot of aggravation and now the car is back at the dealership. They say that again my car would not act up on them. They have indicated that again, they think it's the body control module and they will replace it - $685. I say, give me an old fashioned car without all of these computer chips and modules because when they go up, the "poor" consumer out here can't afford to get them fixed. My car has been in the shop 3 times now for the same problems. Why wouldn't GM put recall notices out about these problems and why would the dealership keep sending my car back and not fix the supposed problem in the first place?!!
Bought this car new with 42 miles on it at the dealership. Got the manual transmission and I have never looked back. Car has driven like a gem from day one. We have been through more than a few scrapes together and she always comes out swinging. The interior is cheap and easily damaged but I didn't buy it for the luxury. We tow a trailer (weighs about 600 lbs) and it still gets 35 miles to the gallon with the extra burden. Usually 37 to 40 mpg on the highway. Handles wonderfully, real zippy and easy to turn. The factory brakes lasted us until 100,000 miles and we got them replaced because it didn't seem right that they hadn't worn out yet. Mechanic said we could have gotten another 15,000 on the brakes. Regular synthetic oil changes every 5,000 miles. Routine maintenance every 30,000 and it still runs beautifully.

I will say the A/C compressor crapped out at 70,000 miles but we put in an aftermarket part for 400.00 with another 400.00 for labor and thats the most we've spent to repair it. Watch out for its fuel filter thought, they are 60.00 bucks a pop. Over 110,000 miles now and only changed the bulbs once. Definitely like a rock, my kids will be driving this car and I'm still in my twenties.
bought new in June 06 have 90,000 miles had only one problem tumblers in ignition chevy towed gave me loaner and fixed at no cost to me great little car chevy u get an A++
L bpought my cobalt new in feb 2006. I love my car..Great gas mileage...Never had any repairs. Just usual maintenance. It runs so good that I'm going to pass it on to my son when I get a new car next year...the only reason I'm buying another car is that I need something bigger.
bought this carwith 76,000 miles and except for the recall&2bulb replacements so far the car has been pretty reliable
My girl and I bought our Cobalt in March of 2006. At first, the car was great and we hardly ever experienced problems, except for the fact that if you had the high beams on and turned the turn signal on, the headlights would completely shut off...Its now June 2010, and this car has been nothing but a headache. We've experienced almost every problem that everyone is describing except for the radio(and thats only b/c i put an aftermarket sound system in it 3months after buying)...The door locks randomly decide not to work, trapping you in or out of the car(neither is fun). We experience vibrations while driving(especially going uphill), and I'm not talking a minor "out-of-alignment" vibration, this thing feels like its about to just shake apart. The interior is about as cheap as I have ever seen in a car, the cloth on the doors, especially around the door locks is coming off. Also the color from the plastic trim is slowly rubbing off and looks horrible...We have a manual tranny so I havent had to endure the key getting stuck in the ignition, but our reverse gear is going out and occasionally grinds when putting it in reverse (and no we arent hard on the tranny)...We had the dealer install a sunroof when we purchased it, and the seal around the sunroof occasionally leaks into the interior...Also be careful with your factory rims, we got a flat tire a few weeks ago, it was very late night when we discovered the flat so I let it go til the following morning. Bad idea i guess because the cheap ass rim bent from the whole 6 hours it had to sit and now we're currently awaiting a new rim to come...If you have ANY sense, so yourself a favor and avoid the Cobalt like the effin plague...Dear GM, thanks for the piece of sh-t. Way to make a quality replacement for the reliable Cavalier. Hope you continue to lose billions a year and eventually go out of business. Ford / Foreign maker here we come.
I bought a 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt with 64,000 miles and its the worst car I've ever bought... After 3 months of only having it I now have to pay $1,000 because 3 main parts broke out of nowhere. I knew Chevy's had electronic problems but they out did it with this piece of crap. Time to move on to Non-American cars i know they are better.
Bought our 2006 new. Ok for 3 years 56K miles but now everthing is going. 1st body control module 2nd control arm bushings 3rd P0171 trouble code. This is all in 2 months. Not what I expect out of a 56K car.
I really liked this car, I was in College and it had really great gas milage, looked hot, and drove really good. I had been really happy with this vehicle until 2 years later we had a really bad flood and I was on a back road at night and did not see the large body of water after going over a hill and it got hydrolocked. To the insurance company this beauty was considered a total loss. My baby was gone, but the rest of the payment was still there.