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2005 Chevrolet Cobalt (9 Reviews)
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Fantastic car.
My biggest complaint is with O2 sensors. I've put 4 of them in there within 2 years. Knock on wood but it's been a few years and no check engine codes.

Some people act like they have a bum car if they got to put some money back into their car. You're gonna have to replace parts and the sooner you accept that the better you're gonna be.

I have an 05 Chevy Cobalt and it is a great car. Besides the O2 sensors I've replaced:
brakes, wipers, rotors, front/rear shocks, fuel filter, air filter, tires, headlights, turn signals, coil pack, sway bar links, map sensor, maf sensor and cleaned the throttle body. I do my oil at 3,000.

At 10 years old my car runs like it is brand new.
I just cleaned the throttle body and did the map and maf sensors and my transmission is like butter. You can't even feel when the transmission changes gear and the pickup is smooth and fast.

You have to take care of your car and treat it like the investment it is.
If you put no time and money back into your car then you deserve what you get when something goes bad. Put time and money into upgrading and improving and replacing parts and you'll have a car that runs better than the majority of 2 year old brand new cars.
After owning Nissan's all my life I decided to give it a shot and purchase a Chevy. I now own a 2005 Chev Cobalt. I bought it used with 46,000 miles. Currently the car has 99,000 miles.
Although I have heard horror stories from other Cobalt owners I have had no major issues with my Cobalt. I make sure I keep up with the regular maintenance services; oil change, filters, canister, tires, and recently gave it a 100,000 mile tune-up and had the exhaust and fuel injector cleaned. Since I have owned the car I have only had two problems one of which has been resolved. The power steering would occasionally go out. I had it replaced at no cost to me due to the power steering recall. I only have one minor problem an that is the engine light recently went on. My guess from having checked on line and with a reliable mechanic the ignition coil will soon need to be replaced. Other than that my Cobalt runs great! Not only is the Cobalt comfortable for long trips it is also a huge gas saver and and I would recommend it to everyone! I LOVE MY COBALT!
This was the first car i bought on my own!! and what was a dream come true turned into a night mare... THIS car is made cheaply and is just problem after problem. First my door panels came off?? then water from the airconditioner started to leak into the passenger side floor...the locks started to lock and unlock on their own causing the alarm to go off each and evrytime the door was opened.. NOW water is passing to my motor!!!now keep in mind i havent even had this car a year..a fwe tips:to change oil on this car the filter is actually located in a plastic black thing(lol) to the right of the motor youd never guess that was the filter and its an actual filter like a paper filter ?? there is no direct water to the radiator you pour water into the plastic .. DO NOT BUY THIS CAR im not the only one with various prblems with it...
I bought my Cobalt in 2005 and have never had a problem with it. I don't know if I just got lucky or what it is, but my car has always been in great condition. I just finished paying it off, and it is still in great condition. I've had to have work done on the brakes a couple of times, so I guess the brake parts are not as high quality as I'd like them to be. The only reason I'm not giving the car a five star rating is because it's not a Honda or Volkswagon or Toyota. It's not as good as the best, which I would give five starts to.
It has 63,500 miles on it cause I've driven it from Dallas to Chicago back to Dallas and...from Dallas to San Diego back to Dallas and back to San Diego. I've had a good experience with it overall.
I purchased my 2005 Chevy Cobalt with 12 miles on it in February 2005. It is now 2011, I have 208,000 miles on it and she purrs like a kitten for the most part. This has been the best car I ever owned. We have performed all routine maintenance as suggested in the manual (pretty close to the recommendations) including all oil changes. Back in 2006, I had the airbag replaced because apparently something was spilled on one of the sensors and the dealership(s) could not figure out why the airbag light kept coming on. I now have this problem with stalling at certain times (never while driving, only when coming to a stop)that we are trying to work out. I would recommend this car to anyone as long as they are willing to keep up with maintenance and take care of it. There has essentially been no other problems with the car. I still have not even had to change the battery yet.
Had the master cylander and clutch both go out prematurely, I have the cobalt sedan LS.....not a lot of room and seats are awkward
I was so excited when I bought mine new...and horrified when it had to be towed from my driveway at 12k died. Something about the steering component needing to be replaced...and the fun began there.

I love America, but refuse to buy American cars. Work ethic is are built horribly here.
Have had NOTHING but issues with my cobalt!!!!!
My wife purchased a cobalt in 04, after 200 miles the engine was blown, it was replaced under warranty. Since then the pick-up was never as strong. the battery died 3 to 4 months later. the headlights have been foggy since 05. both door handles randomly decide not to work. The A-C started leaking on the passenger side in 06, both windows have came off the track multiple times. The suspension links have both gone out. It has the worst traction of any car I've driven even after we had to reeplace the tires at 20,000 miles. it also randomly over heats to 220. the suspension is going out again. the shifter also caused the key to stick and was replaced. A sensor went out that the dealer we bought it from charged 800 dollars to replace. It is currently in the shop because it doesn't start, it only turns over. It does get great gas mileage so at least that helps to pay for a fraction of its constant repairs. By far the purchase we've ever made! And I almost forgot, it has the worst traction when stopping!