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2005 Chevrolet Cavalier (6 Reviews)
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Almost 200,000 mi and still runs great. Replaced, struts, gas pump. Fuel and gas gauge quit at 100,000 miles. Now odometer stopped working. Finally latch on trunk rusted away, and rocker panels are falling off. The car keeps running like new. Too bad the body is falling apart.
2005 Cavilier with 185,000. No problems so far except for a sqeeky clutch pedel. Fixed it by taking a can of WD 40 with the extension tube and giving a few blasts under the dash on to the clutch pedel spring and the noise went away. Easy fix, but it drove me crazy for a year.

Come to think of it, I did have an issue with a weak throttle body spring that caused my gas pedel to go to the floor one dark and stormy night and acellerate very high. I just took my adjustable stretchy pants belt off and attached it to the throttle body pawl with the other end around the radiator cowling just under the hood and drove home. I had no flash light so it was all be feel, but it worked. You can do this simple fix with bungy cords also if you want a good glove compartment safety item. Other then that, great car, runs like a clock. Cav is far better then my old Volvo, thats for sure. Wouldn't part with her for anything.

A Tip, use good qaulity full synthetic oil every 3000 miles and change the standard transmission oil every 40,000 miles and keep it rust proofed annually and it will run forever. The Cav has a 2.2 Ecotec, one of tyhe best moters around and works for me.
Also, I use high quality tires like the Michelin Hydro tracks and Dunlop Graspiks for Winter and it rides like a BMW.
Lost auto shifter light at 4,000 miles - odometer light at 30,000 - radio just goes somewhere twice a month for about 5 minutes (since the 1st year) - other than that I love this ride. 70,000 miles now and I get 36/37 mpg at 55 mph steady. Fun to drive - bought new Oct 04 - I'm 61 years old.and too bad the dealer has always said that my electrical problems are my imagination or I'd buy another GM. For the 1st time in my life I'm looking at the Ford cross-over Edge .............Harry from Ohio
I'M IN LOVE. First car ever, and I make sure to treat it like it was a Ferrari. I have learned not to blame the car but to blame the parts they have used in creating this vehicle (Done to keep it so cheap, I assume.) Don't ever buy the same parts that fail out on this car and you will have had zero issues with the same thing failing again. I've had to replace so far: Ignition coil, both window motors, window motor switch (coupe car), front wheel bearings, battery, tires, all four shocks. I do regular maintenance and use synthetic oil. Saving up to replace brakes, bushings, and hoses with better parts to eliminate a possible failure. Seats are uncomfortable, but replace them with a universal and better seat you can take with you to your new car. GREAT CAR, RECOMMEND TO ANYONE!!!!
Owned since Nov. 2005, only problem was a wheel speed sensor. Great gas mileage, 36mpg on highway. Took on 800 mi. trip, comfort level was good. Would have to recommend this car. Too bad they named it Cavalier, as it is nothing like the predecessor at all.
I just purchesed this year model but so far so good. I also had a 1998 and out of the three years I owned it,I only had to put a new alternater in it. hopefully this car turns out to be just as good.