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2001 Chevrolet Cavalier (3 Reviews)
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The thermostat float between 1/4 to 1/2 after 20 minutes of driving. I ad replaced the thermostat and flashed the coolant and still the same condition I have 78,000 miles in the chev. cav. 2001
what to do?
I have a 2001 base cavalier. I purchased it as a 'rental return' certified unit in Dec 2002 , with 31000 0n odometer. I presently have 132000 on the odometer. I replaced all four tires at 65k, front calipers and rotors at 105k and batteries twice(Walmart brand) These are the only things ,except normal maintainance, that have been done to this vehicle. What do I think of this vehicle? The interior fit and finish suck. The oil filter location is typical of US built vehicle(idiot design).The dash trim panel has stress cracks in three places(welcome to the club). The car is NOISY. The headlight bulb replacement requires TOOLS. The seats are uncomfortable. BUT THE CAR IS DEPENDABLE AND FOR THIS I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
This is a fun car to drive in the city. I have owned this car since 2001 and had only small repairs. I replaced the fuel pump, front tires, and brakes. I have a sun roof and a good sound system. Enjoy it a lot.