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1998 Chevrolet Cavalier (5 Reviews)
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very good car
This car had 13 miles on it when we bought it. We have had to replace tires all the way around, three times. Two new batteries. Alternator, spark plugs. Piston's and everything having to do with fuel had to be replaced at 50 thousand. As soon as the extended warranty ended, everything went down hill on the car. Have had to take to the dealer for various other problems many times.....none of which I can recall right now. The seats are not comfortable, especially in the back. The struts are awful, even though they have been replaced twice. I have the driver seat up as far as it will go, but still have problems reaching the gas, break & clutch. Very uncomfortable for me to drive. To me, the bucket seats make me feel like I am laying down while driving. I like to be sitting "up" in the drivers seat. But even though I have the seat up as far as it will go, I still feel like I am laying down. The emergency break has been worked on more then a dozen times, as it will not hold. The AC does not cool in our 100 plus degree summers, and it continually over heats....especially in the summer. Have had it to the dealer many times in the past 2 summers about the last 2 problems. But they never can find any reason for the AC not working and over heating. My car is a 2 door, and I am constantly having the doors come back and hit my legs when I am getting in/out of the car, because when they are opened all the way they do not stay. Neither of the windows roll down/up easily in the winter. In all fairness it is a dependable car. If you don't mind having to take it to get this or that fixed all the time, if you don't mind burning up during the summer, if you have long legs and don't mind "laying down" when your driving, and if you don't mind having uncomfortable seating. Other then's all great!!
I have a z24 convertable, have only had to replace alternator and buy a couple of batteries, both time the battery died, the car was in my garage!!! It has 125043 miles on it and I LOVE it!!!!
I bought my 1998 cavalier in 2004 it had 110,000 miles on it.The first week i had to replace day time running light relay .I keep it maintaned like change oil ever 3000 miles and trans fuild and filter ever 50,000 miles . I have had to replace battery 2 times in 5 yrs and the headlights switch once and the a/c went out at 200,000 miles. Other than that just your normal maintance.IT is a very reliable car it has never let me down I have toke it on alot of road trips. I drive it to the beach 2or 3 times a summer its about 350 miles round trip always done very good I have even toke it from ga to tx 750 miles one way done great thin to . IT has 240,000 miles on it now and still going strong. when she stops going i will get another one . love this little car !!!!!!!!!!