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1997 Chevrolet Cavalier (4 Reviews)
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I bought my car in 05 with 138,000 miles on it. replaced the clutch, two sets of tires and some marker lights. minor electrical issues with the daytime running lamps and high beams due to corrosion from roadspray in the wintertime and missing plastic underneath i assume. the car has 230,000+ on it and runs and drives beautifully. minor rust around the gas door and rocker panels. no leaks. awesome car

Love this cute little booger of a car, leant it out when I got somethin more accomodating to four kids. Person who borrowed it blew the 2.4L 4cyl (OHC) because he failed to repair the oil small oil leak and waterpump. This was work I had planned to do, but he said he would do it in order to borrow the car because he didn't have a vehicle. I told him he had to replace the motor, but he replaced it with an OHV motor that has a busted throttle assembly and god knows what else wrong. I have to practically flood the engine to start it, manually shift the transmission and pump the accelerator to get him up to 30MPH now. It instantly loses power when faced with uphill travel. "Charlie" used to go about 400 miles on a tank of gas, now I can't get him to the other side of town with 1/4 tank of gas.

Because the car has the number 4 in the seventh position of the VIN; either motor can be used (technically), WTF did he do to my car?
Great car. Have had to replace a few items but she has 118,000 miles on her what do u expect? But i guess this was to good of a car for Cheve to keep makeing. They did the same thing with the Chevett, it ran so good that they had to quit makeing them. Why would a company do that? You have a great product so you quit makeing it? oh well, and we wonder why people by fouren cars........
Great over all car. Ours has 240,000+ miles on it and still running fine. Has a wierd sound in the rear end while driving, but has always been there. Windshield wipers are screwed up, but then it is an older car. We are only second owner, great reliable vehicle. We did get rid of the air conditioning when belt went.