2002 Chevrolet Camaro Reviews and Owner Comments

2002 Chevrolet Camaro owners review and rate their 2002 Chevrolet Camaro.

2002 Chevrolet Camaro (5 Reviews)
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Having been a Camaro driver for years 1980, 1984,1985 and recently 2002. These cars are extremely reliable. A real Camaro lover takes care of their cars and understands these cars are a good investment as far as cars go. So much I just purchased a 2002 to slightly restore. I feel good about spending money on these cars as I know I will see more of my money back than just any make model car. Love these cars
Looks like a cool car I would like to try out.
I owned a 1995 z28 convertible a 2001 camaro SS and a 2002 camaro z28, ran them like crazy but always performed maintenance to them like the typical oil, trans fluids, tires, brakes stuff like that, no problems, was stuck in a blizzard in Montana with my SS and it stayed on the road fine and did not die while others were on the ditch line or stuck. these cars are under rated. Other than an occasional window motor going out no major problems, the car saved my life several times. I love them, best cars on earth in my opinion. I upgraded one with cam and all the bells and whistles and she still has been reliable for the past 2 years since the horse power buildup.
I own 3 of these cars and all are over 200k miles never really had any major issues on one i had to replace the distributor but only because my meth injection hose blew off and sprayed the entire engine area with methanol and some got into the distributor, which methanol causes things to rust extremely quickly so that problem was more my fault not the car. the distributor also does not go out as easily as allmons makes it seem. These cars can go an extremely long time with no problems. I saw a camaro dead on the side of the road last month but that was driver error the guy hydrolocked it trying to get through a few feet of water which reached to the airbox. So if you like parking your car in puddles the distributor will go out other then that it will chug along for over years.
overall very reliable. windshield wipers intermittently stop. over 220,000 miles with no serious drive train problems.