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2001 Chevrolet Blazer (5 Reviews)
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I had this since it came out never had a problem, kept up with preventative maintenance, got all the options for the LT and recently added some new upgrades like a camera system, new radio with ipod integration. Ever since I bought it, never had to replace transmission, engine or any other major part. I'm proud to say that I even was able to tow a load larger than what it was capable of. As far as the 4WD it is still awesome, but with the gas going the way it is I'm working on making a hydrogen hybrid out of my gem.
Purchased in 2007 at 70K. We now have 120K on it. At 110K got a hole in the radiator. When the radiator was replaced, the transmission fluid connection was not secure and immediately popped off, causing transmission to be destroyed. The shop gave us a new transmission at their expense - a great example of how some shops still stand behind their work (thanks, Ewers Tire!) We've had to have all wheel bearings replaced. Current issues - drivers power window and 4WD don't work. These seem to be common issues with the Blazer. Gas mileage not nearly as good as modern midsized SUV's.
Due to the issues we've had and the poor mileage, we'll probably trade it in in the near future.
i would buy another blazer just dissapointed in the abs and how hard this suv is on ball joints.
This is by far the most dependable vehicle That I have ever owned and it is also the most functional as well, I have a two door LS model with 2wd and a 5 speed manual transmission, My Blazer is comfortable and so flexible, I can fold down the rear seat and it has a huge area for transporting groceries or stuff for a fishing trip, It is a joy to own and drive and I hope to drive it many more years..
This is my second Blazer. Last one just retired with about 225,000 miles on it. Had no major issues with it so I got another one.