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1998 Chevrolet Blazer (5 Reviews)
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98 Blazer LT 4x4 144,000 miles owned now two months. Truck is very Roomey but hard on front end arms and brakes.Replaced activator in drivers door and speakers after buying it with only f/l speaker working also had to replace l/f door light switch to fix interior lighting and key in ignition chimes when ever key was in ignition..Good truck for The cheap $1500.00 i paid for it. But have put 1k in it to make it a real bargain including tires, shocks, new gas cap, speakers and door jam switch and activator also left inner and outter ball joints and pittman arm still shakes on rough roads and leaks oil by bell housing area also light shaking on idle but gets the job done
My 1998 Chevy Blazer S10 four wheel drive been having play in its steering wheel, the result of that is my both front tires, the right side of the tire about an inch and a half is going bald. So I changed my bushings and idler. Did my first long stretch of driving and when my tires went over reflectors and manhole covers on the road, it felt like the tires were slipping and a few times it felt like the wheel wanted to drive on its own. I really need help to find out what the real problems are instead of buying parts that is not problem.
Hey man I had that idle problem it was an O2 sencer
I have had this truck for 6 years. I got it with 150,000 kms on it. It now has 280,000 kms. The repairs have been expensive but nothing I would not call normal wear and tear save for the ball joints. This model year had some sort of design flaw and so the truck is very hard on them. After this winter its going to need another set. lol Looking at retiring the old girl and upgrading to a 2004 GMC Envoy with low mileage. Pinstress, Toronto, ON
I have a silver Blazer just like the one pictured and it now has 238,000 miles and runs great. I like it so much that I bought another one and now have two. The only real things that I have had to do is change the oil, brakes, battery, generator, etc. The one thing that did go wrong that i did not like was the heater core went bad at about 200,000 miles.