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1997 Chevrolet Blazer (4 Reviews)
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batteries run down constanly.
I bought my Blazer new on the last day of Sept. 1997. It now has 343,000 miles on it! While I have had some major issues over the years I have very little reason to complain about my vehicle. The largest repairs I have had included replacing the differential, radiator, heater core and most recently the passenger side wheel bearing. Almost all the repairs needed were from 'normal' wear and tear on the vehicle. I have driven from Indiana to the west coast states several times in it, most recently this year - at 340,000 miles! Gotta love the Chevy Blazer!
GM needs to get its act together
The body and interior is still in like new condition. I try to wash all salt and other corrosives as soon as I can.
The AC has a leak but I can get by without that benefit. I have replaced the suspension including torsion bars. The exhaust, electrical, drive train, motor is still all original equipment.
With proper maintenance, a vehicle will last.