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1995 Chevrolet Blazer owners review and rate their 1995 Chevrolet Blazer.

1995 Chevrolet Blazer (4 Reviews)
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Mine was the half year Guinnee Pig not to mention the 666 in the vin# have a wonderful mechanic that has manufactured a part to fix the egr problem that these vehicles had... new computer and tune up with genuine GM parts...rossary hanging from the rear
we bought this 1995 chevy s-10blazer on sunday.then on monday after insuring,tagging the truck the truck jumps time.we discover it has chevy tahoe starter,a new we buy timing chain, belt, map sensor,and low and behold the truck still wont move without shutting you talk about bad if it weren't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck.
My '95 Blazer must have been built on a Monday, because from the day I bought it, I have had nothing but trouble with it. Fortunately, I decided to buy a 6 year bumper to bumper warranty on it because I think I've replaced almost every single major organ in that truck...with the exception of the engine! It's now 2011, and things have finally calmed down. But its my second "Home Depot" vehicle now so I only put maybe 100 miles a year on it now (its at 114,000), so maybe that's why I have so few repairs these days. And, I think it was an electrical issue that had caused all the problems, because once we discovered the vanity light in the sunvisor wasn't going off when closed, I stopped having problems and I haven't had to replace a batter in three years! Who knows?! I've had 9 batteries in that car. 2 master cylinder replacements, 2 radiator's, a fuel pump replacement, water pump, alternator, even the air bag had to be replaced because the airbag indicator light went on indicated it wasn't engaged...but, the bumper to bumper warrenty covered it all!
This has been a great vehicle. Since 2005 I have everything fixed every two years that can possibly be wrong with it and it keeps on running great. I spend around $2,000 every two years. The body style has not changed so that has been a great plus also. For the money, it's the best car I have owned since I started driving back in 1969.