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2011 Chevrolet Aveo (2 Reviews)
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Bought a used 2011 Aveo LT with 30 thousand miles. Overall, the car performs as a compact front wheel drive car does. The mileage is average and comfort is at bare minimum. Tire pressure indicator always lit: annoying... seat belts that refuse to retract properly causing the door to bounce off the buckle half the time instead of just closing: aggravating... The check engine light indicator that stays lit for no apparent reason: Infuriating!!! When driving at 65 and over, beware of strong winds... On the road, in a split second I was literally jerked into the next lane by a strong gust of wind. But other then that, it's not a bad little car.
Bought two in 2004. A stick shift for $9K, An automatic for $10K.
Stick shift now @ 73K NO PROBLEMS AT ALL .

The automatic now @150K , thermostat housing leak @ 70K , daytime running light relay works sometimes & one front wheel bearing bad now @ 150K .

Two cheap reliable cars. Do the maintenance as required , don't abuse them and with any luck years of reliable service .