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2009 Chevrolet Aveo (10 Reviews)
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I bought my Aveo brand new. After a couple of weeks it started to smell of rotten eggs. I couldn't use the heater or air conditioner because the smell would come into the car. Took it to the dealership and they denied smelling it. Did this 4 times before a man customer piped up and told them that they must all have sinus infections because the car stinks to high heaven. After 2 years of this, they finally looked at the catylitic converter and said it was falling apart. They replaced it. It still smells. They changed the oxygen sensor due to a recall. It still stinks. Complained to GM and they told me they refuse to deal with the problem any more. The car has 25k miles on it and it needs new tires and had to replace the brake light switch. I get lousy gas mileage. This car is a lemon but am not in a position to buy a new car. I was really upset to find out the car was made in Korea. If I do buy another car, it will not be a GM product.
Brought 2009 new. At 1st with heater on it smell rotton. but the smell went away about 6,000 miles on it. Great gas mileage. 33 miles city driving. 37 on highway. One thing really wrong. on some days with the wind just right I get exhaust fumes in the car. could be driving at 55mph and smell fumes.
the tires on it only lasted 15,000 miles. and looking for new tires I found the tire size was off size and not much of a price range on makes of tires. I look at one size bigger on tires and got a hugh sorted of makes and price range. I went to one size bigger and so far got 20,000 miles on the tires and still are good. I am worried because all the problems I heard about the car. hope I don't have any more problems.
Purched new on dealers lot. Within a few months the interior light by the On Star buttons burned out. Replaced it my self. With less then 10,000 miles on it I had to return two times to the dealer to re-aleign the front passenger door due to door hitting fender when in open position. Getting poor gas milage even although I do a lot of coasting as much as possible. Had plugs and boots replaced due to factory recall. Increased milage a little. So far no major problems, with only 15,700 miles on car, but with all the super bad problems that I've been reading about this car, I'm really worried , wondering when my problems will start. One last thought, if you read on your window sticker when you bought the car new you will see that it was made in KOREA, NOT by GM in the U.S. So all of you that are turned off GM, just made sure that if you buy another Chev or other GM car, just make sure that it was MADE IN THE U.S.A.
purchased a new 2009 Aveo in late 2009, no frills version, 20 some miles on it. in two years it now has 2000 miles on it ( we don't go much ) but at 1950 +/- miles, the clutch goes out... Dead at a stop light, can't move either direction. Dealership picked it up, had it for 4 days, said it was good to go. Tech desc was: clutch disc came apart ruined pressure plate and flywheel assembly, replaced clutch disc pressure plate and flywheel assembly. filled trans with fluid. Picked it up drove good home. Found a few days later the reverse safety interlock was not working... HOW: At a stop light in neutral, shifted into what we thot was 1st gear and bam, started going backwards. thank god no one was behind us. Talk about a law suit in the making. Took back to dealership who worked on it for two hours. Tech said its good to go, test it out ( made me wonder why i had to test it out ) but hopped in, did not use the interlock ring and went into reverse. After some &*$%&#*$# and slamming the key down, The service tech even had problems finding 1st gear. THEY DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER TO TEST DRIVE AFTER WORKING ON IT A 2ND TIME WHEN THEY KNEW WHAT THE ISSUE WAS. The car is great on gas mileage, but my wife does not want to drive it once it gets back home, and actually, I am not comfortable with her driving it, or for that fact, neither am I driving it. Since under warranty there was no charge... 805.87 for the initial visit on the invoice... I don't have the invoice for the 2nd trip in front of me, but it was no charge either. Interesting to see what the 3rd invoice will show. but I have lost faith and trust in this car completely. It IS fun to drive and the stock stereo rocks, but I have no trust in it anymore and as I and others have said, paint it LEMON yellow and i can't wait to trade it off.
I worried about my aveo. I hear the problems other aveo owners having. But so far I haven't had a problem yet. At first it did have a rotten smell with the heater on but that had gone away when I got 10,000 miles on it. It runs great and had no trouble yet. I just got 25,000 miles on it and change the spart plugs and realized that the spark plugs needed changing. Getting really close to put new tires on it but I feel had very cheep tires on it to begin with.
I bought my 2009 Aveo brand new with 13 miles on it. I should have known it would be my problem child as soon as I test drove it. Here is a list of what problems I have had, beginning with the test drive.
Battery was dead and required a jump. Thankfully I haven't had to replace that, yet.
Replacement of gear indicator light, twice. I have never, ever seen this light burn out on a vehicle, this one did twice in a month.
Replacement of tire pressure indicator, of which I am still having problems with.
Replacement of both lower A arms.
It smells constantly of rotten eggs, as if the catalytic converter has gone out. I took it in, the dealership told me I have to buy better quality gasoline. As if I can afford the highest premium gasoline as it is? I buy mid-grade and I still smell it. I bought this to save on gas, not put the same $$ amount in it as my V-6 SUV. Speaking of gas, I have never gotten more than 20 mpg with this car.
During the winter I cannot drive the vehicle without defrost on. The front windows fog up as soon as I put it on bi-level. I can use defrost/floor, but what good is that when my fingers are frozen?
The motor is noisy. When it's cold, it sounds like the engine is going to fall to the ground when I start it. And for such a small engine, it sure does take a long time to heat up.
My non-observant self bought a vehicle with OnStar, but manual locks and windows. That's right, they still make manual locks and windows. I have locked my keys in my car 3 times now, and 3 times I couldn't call OnStar to have my doors unlocked. Needless to say, my OnStar services have expired. When the locks were popped 2 of the times, I had to take the door panel off in order to put the rod back into the lock so I could use my key. Now my door panels are messed up.
There is absolutely no leg room in the backseat, if you're an adult. Children? No problem. The front seats at an average length from the dash board creates about a 4 inch leg room in the rear. It does have a nice spacious trunk though.
I personally would never tell anyone to buy this car, unless it's for their teenager and it's their first car. I have owned several Chevrolet vehicles, and this one is the first that I am totally dissatisfied with. Not only do I have a crap car, I have a hard time getting the dealership to fix a lot of what is wrong with it, and they don't even have to foot the bill. Think twice on this one.
I bought my car new Had a small break problem the dealer fixed though they squeak now and then No major problems and i drive this car hard i deliver pizza in a hilly town. I would recommend this car to anyone for the price you cant beat it also has the best stock stereo i have ever had in a car. if your expecting a porshe go pay for one
I hate this car; it is a lemon which I plan on unloading as soon as possible. Bought new last year only 13 miles on it and had to replace the tires in March with only 26k miles on them. Was told by the dealer that it was a common problem for these cars to wear the tires out in the front but assured me that alignment was correct. Now I am having an acceleration problem. When I pull out I'm giving it gas but it's like the gas isn't getting to the engine. Now the check engine light is on. I am taking it back to the dealer today. This is ridiculous only a year old with only 36k miles and it's having this many problems. And it is horrible on gas for such a small car. We only get about 29 miles to the gallon. It's ridiculous because we were told by the dealer we would get 40 mils. Yeah right!! I have a 2008 Ford Focus and it is an awesome car. I so wish I had a time machine so I could go back and tell them to keep this hunk of junk and get another Focus.
I have owned 11 cars in 15 years all different makes, this is by far the worst I have had. The car is nothing but problems and the dealer does nothing but band-aid them until your warranty is up.I WILL NEVER BUY A CHEVY AGAIN! EVER! I wish I would have taken the advice of the Chevy owners I knew and RAN as fast as I could.