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2007 Chevrolet Aveo (9 Reviews)
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I bought my 2007 Aveo 5 LS Hatchback in 2009, with 6125 miles on it (four of which were my test drive :) Overall I have been very happy with it though it did have it's first major issue at around 50,000 miles when the A/C compressor went out. Fortunately I purchased an extended warranty and all I paid was $100, instead of $1300 (P/L).

The most recent issue is earlier this week the driver's door lock knob broke off in my hand; the fix will be $113.

Last year the brake switch went out so I had no brake lights and had to put the key in the little opening and press down to get the car out of park. The fix was $104 (P/L).

Prior to that the serpentine belt needed replacing in 2012 which was $106 (P/L).

The gas mileage has been decent and it's a fun car to run around in; took a road trip to Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest National Parks and had fun zipping around.

The seats could be a bit thicker, but overall it is a comfortable ride.

I am concerned over the safety alert regarding the daytime running lamp switch/module that has been known to overheat and catch fire, and for which (they say) there is NO CURRENT FIX. The dealer said they don't know any more about it than I do--this does not inspire confidence.

I only hope the car holds up--I buy cars to keep them as long as possible and the extended warranty will expire 6/2015 when the loan is paid off and the car is 8 years old. I am seriously considering buying an additional warranty, though I hate the thought of taking on a warranty payment when I finish with the car payments.

For now,I still enjoy my 'peanut car' (I got a kick out of another poster calling it the same thing)--also known here as the copper penny, since I bought the 'burnt orange' color--great for the desert!

I just realized there is a separate section for the Aveo 5, so I posted this there as well.

Hi . I have a big problem with chevrolet aveo 2007 ,
I'm form saudiarabia and I changed the engine for the aveo from
the Scraping shop (Second Hand Parts) I bought an used engine for aveo 2010
the first week its worked very good no problems at all after that
I was driving on the highway and the car turned off the fuel and the heat
pedals goes down and I stopped at the side turned the switch on and
its not working so I towed it back to the Scraping shop and they fix it
the guy that fix it said its the camshaft sensor getting low Electricity power
and that cause the EMS1 fuse burned if the engine turned off again
change the EMS1 fuse and its will work again after 6 days
its turned off again and I changed the EMS1 fuse and its worked for 10 second
and its burned again and I change it again and its burned
I asked lots of workshop's and they said they don't know what the problem is
and I didn't change the camshaft sensor
67000 miles I go in to have the manual transmition flushed which convienently for the dealership I bought it from is the only place that can do it and $150. They tell me that I, the lube shop I take it to have it serviced for a reasonable price say and the chevy website are wrong. that that is not for another 30 to 40 thousand miles. But what you need is this $650 work done right away. Yes, the Dealership name is Freedom Chevolet in San Antonio, TX right off of IH 10 on the north west side of San Antonio. To this service department that is just routine maint. the buyer should expect. Funny how their website doesnt say anything about that. Any car you buy you should be able to to basic maint. your self or a local garage. I never want to rely on a dealership (a salesman) for my regular vehicle maint. That is what I asked for when I bought this car and I was reasured that was the product I was buying. Funny our Tax Dollars bailed GM out so GM could stick it to use.

Mack Melvin
this car is not as good on mileage, as my Volvo v70. I been doing all the maintance, as required by the dealer at the dealer, and it never seems like it is better. The Dealer forgot to put the cap back on the power steering and I had to place more steering fuild in the car, all the dealer said was a half hearted sorry, and refused to pay for the fuild I brought. The car is a 2007 and the airconditioner needs more gas already. I would of been off buying a hyundai
overall a good vehicle at least during warantee period.
I bought mine in 2006 ( though it is a 2007); I have almost 100,000 miles on it. Other then spark plug wires I have not had to do a thing to mine that was caused by it's own failing. I was rear ended going about 30mph which was enough to bend the radiator so I had to replace it twice; after the second time found out the problem and it's been great ever since! Only which I got A/C otherwise I am very pleased with mine. Would absoluty recommend to anyone if they are looking for a cheap buy.
Have had mine for a year and a half so far, and have issues with brake disc vibration, a cylinder valve failing (and the warantee replacement cylinder head was put on incorrectly damaging it- so have had the cylinder head changed twice) - drivebelt idler failure, timing belt tensioner and idler failure. Now the check engine light is on again with a check engine code for the throttle position sensor (2nd time for this code, first time they just cleaned the contacts - obviously not good enough - back to the dealer), and the rear passenger side rear brake is starting to lockup on hard breaking. camshaft pulleys are slightly skewed, so it is a bit noisy when cold (and this is the root cause for the timing idler failure). Mileage is ok - as long as you don't push it too hard, it is not too bad. Auto trans shifts cold can be rough/abrupt. Has been cheap so far as the only thing I have had to pay for is the drivebelt and brake pads/rotors (rest covered under warantee).

I am hoping the major issues will come up under warantee - has been the case so far (only at 35 000 miles).
This is by far the worst car I have ever purchased. I bought it because I was commuting 40 miles each way everyday to work and wanted something with good gas mileage. I have had nothing but problems with this car. I have taken it back to the dealership 6 times since I purchased it and it's the same problem every time. The throttle body keeps freezing. They repair it, send me on my way and a few months later I'm back at the dealership with the same problem. Now my car is out of warranty and it has happened again. The gas mileage isn't what the sticker promises at all and to be honest, this car is really nothing more than a piece of junk. There is no acceleration and to even take off at a stop light requires me to turn off the A/C or the car stalls. I would not recommend this car to anyone. Next time, I'm buying a Toyota.
Had my car snce April 2007. I really like the pick up even though its a small car. I did have a problem with my transmisson and had to have it rebuilt when it was only a year old.It is a toyota engine so the chevy mechanics had to read up on it and figure out how to rebuilt it. Once that was done I had no problem with it. Also after about 6months my strut started to make a squicky noise. It still does and was told it was fine. All n all with the exception of my problems I would buy another one.