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2006 Chevrolet Aveo (12 Reviews)
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Bought my 2006 Chevy Aveo LS hatchback at the end of 2007 with 20k miles on it. Worst purchase I ever made. This car has had issues since the first week I had it, and spent more time in the shop than with me in the first months I owned it. I really wish I had been able to just return the car, especially given the severe drop in worth.
The throttle body/position sensor is faulty, despite replacements. Car does not respond to pressure on the gas pedal properly, causing it to shake and "stutter" even leading to it completely shutting off while driving at times. Gas mileage is rarely over 25 mpg, even on the highway, due to these issues.
I've also had to have the airbag replaced due to a "recall", though that was covered there have been consistent issues with airbag sensors. Each of these costs almost $300 and can only be replaced by the dealership due to the reprogramming needed following replacement. Both the front wheel-bearings have gone way before their time despite no accidents or other traumas to the vehicle. Each of these repairs cost me over $400.
Other issues include poor insulation resulting in significant road noise, particularly on the highway. Ineffective car-jack provided, it was unable to lift the car to the necessary height to remove the tires when needed.
These are just a few of the issues I've had with this car over the years. Over the last year alone I spent almost $2000 in unexpected repairs, and now there is another $1500 to be done. That is ON TOP of regular maintenance costs, which I keep up with as well.
I bought this vehicle because of its cost effectiveness and decent gas mileage. Neither of these have been the case, and I am very disappointed. Its no wonder that Chevy discontinued this model. Too bad the dealerships will only give about $1000 for the ones they sold.
Safe to say: This was the worst purchase I've ever made, and I am highly unlikely to purchase another vehicle from Chevy.
I bought my aveo used w/5k miles on it. Cost was $7500 after trading in a boat anchor of an escort on it... six years later it has 142,000 miles and still runs like a champ and delivers 38-40 mpg. For the money I have no complaints. Been a great car. Looks like I will get to 200k. Upside, the car is pretty fun to drive. It does well in snow if you stay on the ball, the tail does like to wag a bit. (can you say"drifting?" ;D )Downside, the front end suspension is noisy, it eats tires, (I really drive sanely,have not had this problem before) usually only 30k out of 60k rated treadwear. Overall, I have really come to like this little car.
I purchased my 2006 Chevy Avio brand new. Completed all scheduled maintenance. Engine blew at 64,000 miles in 2009 and had to be replaced. Since the warranty on 2006 was 60,000 miles, Chevy would do nothing. Since then, nothing but problems with the master computer and check engine lights & a wide variety of electrical issues. A piece of junk. I have spent upwards of $3,000.00 to keep it running, and still owe $4,000.00 on a car with a value of just about nothing. If I had known this car was not a Chevy (ie American built), but is actually built in Korea, I would never have purchased it. What a lemon. Buyer beware
hi, I also have a 2006 Chevy Aveo that I bought from used Chevy dealership in my town. I love the car. I have had to replace blower motor for a/c which went out. I have owned the car now for about 4 years and have over 98,000 miles on it. Bought it with 43,000 miles. Also I have read other articles that the driver side door lock has a tendency to fall inside the door after a while and low and behold mine did the same thing. Unfortunately no warranty on the vehicle so I will be stuck with getting that fixed. Right now it is a pain to unlock the passenger door and reach across and unlock driver door from inside. But I live with it for now.
Had it for years. LOVE IT!
I love my little Peanut (Her nickname) and so does everyone else who rides in her. I've had no problems since the day I bought her and do all the scheduled maintenance. If you treat your car with respect it will give you years of service.I have a reputable and honest mechanic who doesn't rip me off and will only let him service my car. I read my owners manual and check the internet to make sure I know how my car operates and what might need to be repaired. An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I've got the inside and outside detailed and she looks like she came off the showroom floor. I'm approaching 90000 miles and she still has never let me down. I've put about $1200 into her over the 5 years, but its better than a car payment. so people wake up take care of your peanut and pamper her and give her a makeover.
I got my 2006 Aveo right at the end of 2005 when it came out... I have had absolutely no problems with the car and I have driven it 50K. I love this car!!
i have my car since 2006 and until now have had no problems with it... my driver side door lock also fell inside the door... brakes have to be changed every 6 months or so... but we drive this car all over california. only now has the o2 censor gone out and needs changing... this car is very reliable if u take car of it and drive it safely... if not... then expect what u get... mines is a great car!
This was the worst purchase of a vehicle I have ever made. It is constantly broke down or messed up in some way. I absolutely hate this car!!
I brought the car brand new,with in 6mos of having the car the radio becomes very warm if the A/C is not on the speakers on driver side statics, the drivers door lock have falling inside the door, I took it to the dealer and as the 2009 owner said it was ok until the warranty on the repair I had done was expired, the BTSI had to be replace and it cost me $257 plus tax.....

Buyers and owners beware.
I bought my aveo in Feb of 2006 and just recently changed my timing belt. The car has been a pleasent surpise with no problems I drive about 135 miles a day. Overall I have been satisified.