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2005 Chevrolet Aveo (14 Reviews)
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2005 Chev Aveo
Purchased in Sept. '04. WONDERFUL car. LS hatchback
currently 72K. Thermostat went at 49K, had timimg belt changed at that time as due at 50K. I have oil changes every 3,000 with synthetic oil. everything original on car except tires and front brakes(at 47K). On highway trips to NC and VA get 43 mpg. in city driving more like 27mpg. Only issue is clear coat peeling off of air foil, rest of car is fine. I have used car to haul lumber, brick, furniture, you name it. will keep this car to 200K+ if possible then get another one:)
I have had this car since it was new, purchased in 2005 (LT model 4 door). I currently have 95,000 miles on it. For the most part, I am very satisfied with the vehicle. For the cost of it when purchased (with a trade in, out the door at $10k), I have gotten my money's worth. I have had some problems with it. I had a recall on the valves being over-machined during production, but took it to Chevy and they squared it away. I had an accident that caused some unibody damage, and ever since then I do have uneven wear on the tires. I have only replaced the brakes two times on the front end, and I don't think I ever have on the back. I have had to replace belts, had the transmission replaced at 60k miles (due to a tow company improperly towing, not the car itself). I have had issues with the brake lights (both ABS and Parking Brake), but there are no issues with the brakes themselves or sensors (electrical?). I think there are electrical issues with the cars. I have replaced rear shocks (and even shock mounts). But all in all, I can't complain too much. I would purchase one again.
Beware, Timing belt goes and so do the valves and possilbe engine Damage.Replace the belt NOW or your in for a big expense 2K or more!!!!! Gas milage overated. Got better in a 98 Escort that I wish I'd kept.
I bought my 2005 Chevy Aveo about a year ago. I have had nothing but problems with it. The spark plug wires broke and had to be replaced 3 months after I bought it, the check ingine light came on because one of the seals is bad, I have had to change the breaks 2 times, the control arm bushings are bad and the bearings need to be replaced. This car is a big headache. It is costing more to fix then its worth. I think its pretty funny that all these things went wrong after the warranty was up. If this is what an American company does to Americans then they deserve to go BK. Thanks Chevy for a great car!!!! NOT!!!
Bought my 2005 Aveo over a year ago. At the time it had 155000 miles on it. Now it has 186000 miles. The car runs great. Not the fastest thing in the world but thats not its purpose. I drive the car about 90 miles a day. The gas mileage averages about 30 MPG. I've found that if you run the RPM's above 3000 then your MPG's go way down. Not much for room but again, look how big it is! Besides the regular maintenace, all that I've had to do is replace the stupid Thermostat Housing, which was made from PLASTIC (stupid design). All in all, I'm happy with mine.
I bought my 2005 Aveo one year ago. It had 75,000 miles and now it has 88,000. I have had any problem with scince I bought it. I am international student and in my country the car rentals like the aveo because of their reliability. It can run up to 120,000 miles without any troubles. In my openion you can't judge on the reliability of the Aveo because its manufacturing started in 2004, so it is not old enough like other cars.
My wife and I purchase a 2005 Aveo to downsize. I've observed that it is noisy to drive,literally eats tires on the front,notn to mention brakes. At 38,oo miles it hasnow thrown a timing belt which messed up the valves and is costing a little more than $2,000.00 to repair. My 4x4 Toyota Tacoma gets better milage.No more Chevrolets for this family!
I have owned 3 , 2005 aveo's . and have had no problem at all with any of them ,I bought my daughter 1 and with in 3 months she got ran off the road ,and rolled over. with 2 grand kids ,and her . they came out with some scratches, and the aveo was ttld. so safety wise , no problem at all. very happy with the aveo. I really like it. and still have 2 left .
If your looking for a safe, reliable car from a company you can trust, THINK AGAIN! My 2005 aveo has been nothing but a headache! Since day one of buying it new, the check engine light would constantly come on, but never any serious problems until around 60,000 miles. It's always had a squeak and alot of the plastic parts fell off within months. I did get some good use out of the car until right when the warranty went up, the air conditioning stopped working, then the temp gauge supposedly broke causing the engine to get fried and ever since then, I make regular visits to my local dealer and scream at GM, which btw, they all sound like idiots on the phone, don't expect them to care. Now I've been living with a car that stalls when the A/C in on, and a car that gets stuck in park. I plan to continue to write complaints about this car and company, everyone should know how big of a rip off it is! No wonder why GM has gone bankrupt twice!
I think I can safely say that this has been a great car since we've had it for five years now and have never had one thing that needed to be replaced or fixed. Yes, the car is light and the body dents easily (we have a couple of dents from a car door, a rock thrown at it, etc.) but it gets us where we want to go. No problems with starting even in cold weather. Pretty good pickup (even runs well at 80) and the interior is still in good shape. Of course, we haven't put a lot of miles on it (35,000 so far) but we're bad about getting maintenance done and it still keeps on chugging. I'm very happy with it.
A poor choice for a fuel efficient small car. The radio doesn't work below 32 degrees, the fan is so loud and it "grumbles" while on. It is not fuel efficient, it is hard on tires, it runs "rough sounding" though nothing is mechanically wrong. The seating uncomfortable, it sounds cheap when the doors shut, the locks are already worn out so you have to be careful not to break a key off, the wiper motor is weak, the brakes are weak. The roof leaks on the passenger side, the fuel cap is broken (won't stay completely tight), the check engine flickers,,,and I am tired of writing.
This was the first vehicle I bought without anyone cosigning and I have found it to be a great vehicle. A few hiccupps in the beginning from a flaw in my engine, but otherwise the vehicle has been great. I have taken it on long distances as well as short city hops. I have only seven months left on it and I only ran into my first problem, had to replace my serpentine belt and Tensionor pulley, of which I was able to repair on my own. I do highly reccommend this vehicle to a new driver and to first time car buyers. It is reliable and excellent on fuel.
we've had this car a little over 4 yrs, its been nothing but trouble, the breaks are always going bad, we've had it into the shop over and over and it never seems to get fixed. now the pulley broke off the timing chain and im not sure what that is going to cost, I have heard it could be quite costly if the timing skipped. I do not recomend this car to anyone, A brand new car should last way longer then 4-1/2 yrs
Im not even done paying for it!!
Purchased in Apr/May 2005 - 60,000+ miles - Wife drives daily + drive 1200 mile round trip two or three times per year. Car gets 35+ mpg on hwy. Other than routine scheduled maint., had first problem - door lock has fell into inside of drivers door. Dealer has provided parts diagrams so I can replace door lock myself, or have dealer do it. Hatchback LS has been great car for over four years. Strongly recommend for reliability and low cost.