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2004 Chevrolet Aveo (12 Reviews)
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I bought my 04 Aveo in August of 2013 with 65000 miles for $5500. We immediately replaced the timing belt based on reports that it goes at about 60000 miles.
Since then I have repaired all of the following:
Catalytic convertor (2x, burned out in 6 months due to engine running too rich)-$1300 (second time it was under warranty)
O2 sensor-$100
Spark plugs/fuel injectors $200
Major leak in rear main seal $1100
New tire $80
Gasket leak $100
Water pump, timing belt, whole new cylinder head $2700 (timing belt was just out of warranty)

Turned a $5500 car into an approximately $11000 car

Performance issues:
poor handling
poor acceleration
worse acceleration if the heat or AC is running
random misfire
suspension is horrible
After 120000 miles ive just had y first problem with my 2004 aveo, Started to missing and skipping on take off, got it home and pulled the spark plug wires and looked down the holes at
the plugs and oil was around all the plugs with 2 of them having oil atleast half way up on the plugs
I bought this car used in the middle of december for $6200 and 6 months later i was told it was valued at $2800!
6 Weeks after i purchased my vehicle the rear-passenger shoe broke, literally in half! I had to have it towed an hour from where i lived to the dealership. Even though it was after my warranty they were kind enough to fix my problem for free.
Exactly one week later, the same tire started making a screeching grinding noise similar to hitting your brakes on ice! they again fixed the problem for me (blaming themselves). Yet a week later, the exact same noise was happening. I have had this car for 7 months now, and i have had the exact same brake worked on 18 times. No one seems to be able to fix the problem and GM won't recall it. If anyone else is having this problem please e-mail me! I'm trying to talk to GM now and it would help if others had the same problem!
I have an 04 Chevy Aveo I bought new,almost 150,000 on it now . I'm on the 2nd time belt , did the "kit" the 2nd time (water pump, tensioner and belt) .I have had to replace the radiator due to not putting distilled water back in a few years ago when I changed the anti freeze..(lesson learned) Over all been happy with the car , I knew it was Korean made from the start (Daewoo). I get between 31 and 37 mpg wish it was more these days and hope to easily take it to 200k+ before I replace it. The new Sonic has caught my eye :-)
I purchased my 2004 chevy aveo with 27,000 miles on it, I paid 2300 cash for the car. The purchase was made because, at the time I was driving 100 miles to/from work and I couldn't keep putting 80 dollars in my gas tank. Personally I was use to chrysler products, a lot of comfort but the reliablity was nothing to be desired.

The first 30,000 miles I had no issues, just oil changes regulary and I put new tires on the car- at 58,000 miles I couldn't complain. At 63,000 miles my serpentine belt went and the car died, it was towed in and fixed for about 289.00 due to a frozen pulley assembly. 70,000 miles came around and I put new tires on the car. Then 89,000 miles came around and I had my first wheel bearing issue, at first I thought it was the breaks. I replaced the rear wheel bearing and was told the other was going bad as well, 3 months later it went as well. Each bearing was about 489 dollars to fix.

I decided to take the car on a trip around the country at 89,000 miles, at that time I went ahead and changed the oil, had the injectors cleaned and the car fully inspected. They found no issues with the car except for a recall on a rear seat belt I never use.

I drove the car from Michigan through the entire east coast, around the gulf and to south padre island texas where I had poor judgment after some time on the beach and managed to get the car stuck in the sand. The car was pulled out and not even a slight shake resulted. The car was driven back to michigan with only a blown tire from a road hazard in missouri. When I returned to michigan I had 103,000 miles on the car and I took it if for an oil change and check up, still no issues. I continued to drive the car, but now it was on dirt roads instead of city streets. The wheel bearings went again at 114,000 miles and I had to replace the rear breaks.
After the winter had passed I decided that I was going to move to Arizona and took the car with me, it was packed full of stuff and I arrived in arizona without a problem.
Since being here the only issue was the battery going dead from the excessive heat, when I tried to replace battery myself I accidently touched the wrench to the computer and it fried, this was a 1500 dollar repair and was entirely my fault.

The car is in the shop today, I need to have the rear shocks replaced for 200 dollars. It has 158689 miles on it and again it is a mix of my fault and circumstance. Arizona roads can be harsh, we have a lot of speed bumps and uneven surfaces and I seem to think my aveo is a suv and take it out in the mountains and drive it through rivers.

Honestly I would buy another aveo because the small repairs I have had to make are much less than the major repairs such as water pumps,transmissions and engines from past cars.

Aside from that I often complain that this car will be with me for the rest of my life, after 140,000 miles I'm not convinced the car will ever die. Not that I want it to, I just don't have that mindset present.
Great little car, bougth it new and here it is 7 yrs going to have the clutch changed and new brake put on has 90,000 miles on and am stlll getting about 27-29 around town and 35-38 on the highway...
I bought this car brand new from the dealer. A great little car that's perfect for getting around town. However, I've traveled throughout the country with my wife and teenagers from Texas to NC, Florida, Mississippi, and many other places included a long ride to Big Bend. Frankly, I love this car. No, it doesn't have much power. But, the interior is nice, the air runs cold, and the mileage is great (About 38 mpg at 75 mph) with a 5 speed manual. Yes, there are better cars on the market. However, I paid $8900 brand new! i could buy two of them for the price of an Accord. For the person who is looking for cheap and effective transportation I recommend it.
purchased 2004 ls hatchback when gas prices were almost at 4$.
since then its helped alot w gas expenses.
27mpg street, 30 hwy.
engine has no guts.
doesnt do so great uphill or driving w the ac on w a full car.
its small size makes it easy to park in high congested areas.
great little city car.
never had any major issues.

would not recommend this car to anyone.
I am reporting review (165201735) 2004 Chevrolet Aveo 5 door Hatchback because I have had problems with it. My car recently blew put the plastic thermostat that GM put in the car and never re-called for a fawlty part in the first place. I had this car for 6 years and had it stored for 2 out of that four. I did everything I can think of for up-keep, i.e. change oil get tune-ups so that I could have this car for a long time. It only had 43,330 miles on it when it all happened. I was told a used engine would run me about 3,800 dollars. That is a surprise because that was the approximated value of the car that I was planning on making a trade in with. Now I have a Pile of $100 dollar junk yard car without and engine because of engine bearings, head gasket, a new thermostat( and this is after replacement of the one that blew out), along with antifreeze mixing with my oil and more stuff that I am using the money for a down payment on a new car for. AND to top it off just a year ago I actually took it to the dealership for my New York Inspection hear in Watertown, NY and they took some parts off of my car that I had to go back and fight for, and $2,000 of my hard earned money, but they never changed my plastic thermostat. How's that for being screwed?
worse car i've driven. engine has no power. brakes are horrible.
Buyers and owners beware. I've had so many issues with this car and I'm in the shop every 6 months. To current owners, take out an extended warranty, you'll need it! The warranty company has paid for more repairs than the car was purchased for. Stay away!
Two speeding ticket...
Pescadero to San Francisco....30min.
Love my manual 5 speed on the curves.
Its got balls, but i got to sell it....Need a Truck