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1998 Chevrolet Astro (4 Reviews)
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At the age of 19 i got my first Astro Van that was an 87. I drove this one for 5 years and the only problem i had was the horse shoe braket on the front of the motor broke due to rough driving. 6 years after selling this one i have now bought a 1998 astro and will never let this one go. i love the fact that of the mini van world the astro is built like a truck unlike the others. Thank you chevy!
At about 115k the plastic plug protecting the engine from antifreeze and cooling fluid broke and the antifreeze went into the cylinders.
Back window rusted out. Fuel gauge is inaccurate measures 1/8 tank and is empty. From the dealer floor used 1 qt oil every 20000 miles - no smoke oil just gone - a perpetual oil change.
Blower motor intermittent as well as wiper motor.
Fuel lines rusted out and fuel pump just went.
Our van looks just like the one in the picture. Has over 200,000 miles and still going strong. Us it to tow cars, trucks, tractors, travel trailer, etc and would not hesitate to drive to the west coast. Only maintenance are items like oil changes, tires, batteries, generator, brakes, etc. The stuff that wears out has been changed. Great vehicle. :-)
This has been overall, the best vehicle we have ever owned, by far!! Way to go Chevrolet!!