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1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup owners review and rate their 1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup.

1998 Chevrolet 1500 Pickup (5 Reviews)
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This truck was bought in 2002. It was owned by a lady and just traded in. There has been no trouble with this vehicle at all and it still looks like new. Besides regular maintanence, and a brake change now with ABS speed sensors going out on it, I really hope this truck lasts a long, long, time. The interior is plush and comfy,the dashboard and controls are easily reached and its roomy.Yep, no problems here and the exterior has held out so well it still looks new
This has been a fair truck. I am 2nd owner,all scheduled maint. has been performed. I bought with 40,000 mi. and now has 153,000. It only broke down once,due to fuel pump, which I have now r/r twice, not cheap. Inside door handle has broken 3 times,twice on dr. side once on other. A/c system has new compressor, but now needs hi-side valve. This truck has been on synthetic fluids since new, I am looking forward to seeing how long it lasts. The 4w/d system works fine, and before living in Florida, I lived on the OBX,and drove this truck on the beach on a daily basis.
I have a 1998 with a 350. It has a 3 inch body lift and 33" tires. She is a beauty. I love this truck, I bought it at 263,000 miles. It had a pretty good transmission leak, and had a miss in second gear. I promptly wrecked it about 5 months later and it was down for about a year. I had the frame straightened, replaced the hood and driver's side front quarter panel. The shocks are very stiff had almost no give when we wrecked, very hard on the back. But the wreck fixed whatever was wrong with the transmission, no more miss and just ever so tiny of a leak. I will never part with this truck. We have a fund we are saving for when the motor and transmission go out. This truck is my baby.
Truck has had nothing but tlc. WORST vehicle ive ever seen.
The gas engine is reliable with regular use of injector cleaner. I am writing though about the 6.5L Turbo Diesel Engine. If you don't already know stay way from this one. The block is weak as well as the crankshaft. I have been through two engines in less than 250000 km's and that is with constant babying. If yours goes look to replace with a titan 6.5 L, a beefed up version that has upgrades to strengthen the bad areas. 6.5 L problems range from the injector pump itself to the little black box on the injector pump (you'll know it's bad when you stall out often and are able to restart a few minutes later to only have it happen again). The stalling problem can be cured by moving the PMD (the little black box) to a cool area of the vehicle i.e behind the front bumper. I'd keep a PMd in the glove box for fun though. Be very careful that the pulley and harmonic balancer are in new condition. They are located on the main shaft at the front of the vehicle under the fan. If they are in bad condition you will damage your engine immediately. I lost my crankshaft two weeks ago because the rubber on the balancer gave way without the slightest warning, Instant engine death. The starters on the 6.5L are not reliable be prepared to change one every 18 months and every 12 months with the glow plugs. Chevy's Pitman and Idler arms are poorly designed on these units. May as well keep one of each in the glove compartment because you'll be changing these often to keep the front end in good condition. If you can keep it running the ride is nice like a luxury car. Make sure to service the ATF fluid and filter once a year to keep the transmission in good condition.