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2005 Cadillac XLR (2 Reviews)
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The car's a blast to drive. Two things wrong: a) the suspension (especially the rear) is just not up to the car's potential, it wobbles and pitches at even the slightest bump in the road while cornering, and b) the coolant will simply not stay in the engine, it keeps belching gobs of coolant every time I turn the engine off. Yup, I've tried new coolant caps but to no avail. Other than that it's great. I'm going to rebuild that rear suspension, surely no one builds a performance car with that type of unstable and twitchy rear end.
It's the most awsome peice of crap I've ever owned. I love driving it and turning heads, getting stopped and asked about it. But there's always something going wrong. A hydraulic tube got pinched and leaked over the shoulder of my passenger seat and the top wouldn't retract. Got that fixed (thank god the warranty covered it!), and 6 months later, the cruise control stopped working. The BRAKE light constantly goes on and off and says I'm low on brake fluid (had it checked, and it's not). It's always saying to service the stabilitrack. The Traction Control light comes on and off more often than I change my panties. Finally... The seat and stearing wheel no longer automatically adjust to my setting when I turn the car off and on or between drivers 1 & 2. It's a lovehate relationship. It's a blast to drive, though. I will probably get myself killed in it, but I'm OK with that.