2005 Cadillac STS Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Cadillac STS owners review and rate their 2005 Cadillac STS.

2005 Cadillac STS (9 Reviews)
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the car has all the power you will need. it rides like a dream
my STS is a nice looking car but I have problems after problems
one of the air suspension went out cost me 1000 dollar to replace it
right now it's making noise. i beleive it's a electrical problems now.
I will never buy another cadillac.
it doesn't hold its value, The back bumper coming apart.
and it hard to find someone to work on them beside the dealers.
Nice car. I have the V8, LOTS of power and pretty good mpg. Handles great, looks great. Had some issues with windows, misc noises.
I have 208350 miles on my Cadillac STS V6. I have owned BMW's and a Mercedes and this Cadillac is the best of them all. I do need to change the oil every 3000 miles or it will sound like a tank, and the rear pulls a little but this vehicle has never left me stranded in 6 years. Yes I bought this new and it has performed. Newly engineered and rear wheel drive(first time in 30 years) they got this car right.
Door locks have major problems + $$$ to fix!!!! Speakers aren't great either =) The horsepower is very nice, car looks great too! Seats make you feel like ur in a bucket! So, dont' buy it if your less than 5'9!!!! I'm 5'4, 115lbs, and can't see the hood of the car!
I had A lot of trouble with car
One of the nicest cars I have ever owned. Other than a bit of cheap interior pieces I love this car. It has been trouble-free and quite comfortable to drive. Mileage has been good too. Now have 52,000 miles on it. Thumbs up.
i bought this car new and now have 47000 miles and dealer cannt find out why car will not start trouble with fob
I purchased this caddie used with 12,000 miles on it. It now has 26,000 miles and I have not had one problem with this car. Lots of power and handles great. With gas mileage of 23 MPG at 75 MPH on level highway... better than I expected.