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2013 Cadillac SRX (1 Review)
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After 30 years of owning nothing but Toyota, Lexus, and Honda and spending $0.00 is repairs (other than batteries and tires), I finally decided to try the "New General Motors."

Guess what? It is the same as the old GM.

- If you load the car with four adults and luggage, the torque converter groans.
- My $200 battery developed an open cell in nine months.
- Small corners on the interior fixtures don't align well and have been forced together.
- Even though we drive in Economy Mode 100% of the time, the best mileage we can get on the road (driving the speed limit or less) is 20.1 (my 1998 Lexus gets 23.5 and is maintenance free).
- The fine print in the "bumper to bumper warranty exempts many things that are likely to fail. (The dealer contacted me to buy an overlay warranty 30 days after he sold the the car with the pitch that it was a great warranty.)

I do like the computer software and dash displays and the heating and cooling work well. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted to fit most people.

Overall, this is still the same junky construction that put Detroit out of business during the recession.

If you are looking for a quality built car that is unlikely to break down, don't look at Cadillac.