2007 Cadillac Escalade Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Cadillac Escalade owners review and rate their 2007 Cadillac Escalade.

2007 Cadillac Escalade (5 Reviews)
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I am totally disappointed with my 2007 Escalade.55,000 miles
Coil packs need to be replaced continuosly
Battery lasts only 2 years
Power steering pump is rusted and needes to be replaced
A/C lines corroded and need replacement
A/C blower failed need replacement.
Hey Cadillac, this is your flagship automobile.Shame on you.
Reimburse the consumer for your poor workmanship.
Do you wonder why we buy foreign????
Get your act together.
I can not believe all the problems I have had with my wife's cadillac escalade. First the passenger side door handle is loose, the the battery needs to be replaced every two years, the moon roof's motor is broken, and now my BCM is out. This was a 64,999 dollar vehicle. It is only 5 years old and has less than 78,000 miles. I can not believe it and will never ever buy another cadillac again.
If anyone know this problem please let me know. I put the key to start my 07 escalade, all the power on the vehicle shuts off. I hear a clicking at the gas peddle my cd player keeps clicking and the battery light flashes 3 times.
The 2007 Cadillac Escalade really has no equal in regard to ride and handling among the large SUVs. Although it delivers a mean exhaust bark, the "400hp" engine actually lacks a little bite compared to other larged sized vehicles with similar available power like the Silverado Pick-ups and the Ford Heavy Duty line and other full-sized trucks. What it lacks in overall power, it more than tries to compensate for in features. It is practically oozing electrical gadget technology overload from every pore. The Bose radio system is impressive with tremendous high and low end response. However, the touch screen GPS system is a far distant red headed cousin to anything made by the Germans and Japanese. The GPS maps diminish quickly in detail when scaled out to a reasonable distance showing only major highways. It is very little help negotiating a detour route when the primary is blocked. The greatest dissapointment overall in the vehicle (besides the criminal fuel economy..12.5 MPG average) is the lack of DIN quality electrical wiring found in alomost all European and japanese cars of simlar price. Most of the wiring bundles appear to have been installed by a amature installed by an amature High school mechanic in a dimly lit garage relying heavily on black electrical tape to hold it together. Not at all supportive of the near $80k pricetag with all options. The electrical systems also seem to fail at will. The power liftgate broke within the first week requiring manual operation, the tire pressure monotoring system failed within 500 miles and showed a warning light on the dash that could not be turned off, the parking asist system never activated properly from day one, the fog light button broke on the drive home, and suddenly the vehicle painfully reminded me that it is American through and through and why I have not owned anything domestic since the mid-eighties. Overall the fit and finish of the body panels and interior is nowhere near the tolerances and quality of foreign auto makers. A bold reminder that American automakers and American auto unions can't build a solid car if their jobs literally depended on it!
Good looking, feel good car - not cheap, but nice