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1998 Cadillac Eldorado (1 Review)
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Hello my name is Kirk...I own a 1998 Eldoradao ETC. Love the car, I've had it for over 13 or 14 years now, I was the 2nd owner. However,the car has been a money pit for me off an on over the years. But, sense I like the car so much, I always made sure it was maintain no matter what, moreover now I'm having a chronic issue with the ABS- electronic brake system. The system engages or cycles when it does not have to potentially causing an accident if someone is following closely or tail-gating. I've the dealership and other mechanics trouble shoot with little resolution due to GM has stop making the ABS-control module for this type car. I also just replaced it with a used one from the Junk Yard with no luck, this has also cause the (service engine soon light) to come on....If anybody have any Ideas Pls let me know...Kirk E-mail address: