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2006 Cadillac DTS (7 Reviews)
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the seat motor burned out, only had car 6 months. took auto to repair shop. put the new motor in, but still not working because there is a computer that controls the motor to make the seats move back and forth. Having to take car to the Cadillac dealership because they are the only ones that can repair it
I liked my dts just too many problems that all cost to much. I got mine given to me. I decided I was not putting any more money into it. So I took it to the dunes.. one awesome day. We jumped it twice then it caught on fire. Sorry no video.. don't ever get a Cadillac dts or any Cadillac for that matter..
Had to have the Rack & Pinion sreering replaced at 34000 mi whichidid not expect shold have to leaked at that mileage on a 2006 car. Apparently was leaking . anyone have same problem?
This car is a mini nightmare. Since NEW:
Upper trans coupling have failed twice;
Fuel pump and starter have failed;
Head lights ballast defective causing further electrical problems;
Coils, "dog bone", timer chains and tensioners all failed.
A/C failed twice, blower motor very noisy;
Brakes redone and redone.
Car is a money pit.
NOTE: I do not abuse the vehicle. This is evident by the 22 mpg I average.
Just love this car.However,there have been a couple things of concern since March 2010.First had to have the steering rack replaced and oil pan gasket as well.Then it seems I didn't escape the dreaded electrical problem with the headlight ballast which had to be replaced.Thank God I bought a 2 yr GMPP extended warranty (bumper to bumper) I just had to pay a couple $200 deductables instead of the roughly $3000-4000 I would have otherwise had to spend
love my 08 dts
Brakes, both front and rear had to be redone due to severe pulsating when hot. Headlight failed at a cost of $600. Unknown clunking sound in rear on rough pavement.

AC is perfect.