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2004 Cadillac DeVille (14 Reviews)
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My 2004 caddy deville now has 225,000 miles on it. Being a mechanic for 34 years I know this engine. There are alot of pattern failures on this vehicle each one replaced. Head gaskets , Transmission 741 code ( Solenoid ) etc etc. I fix my own cars and immaculately take care of them. This car with the repairs and failures was a challenge. Don't listen to the manufacturer. Change the Oil and the Filter every 2500 to 3000 miles , drain and flush the radiator fluid , changing the hoses and dexcool. If you do a brake job blow out the Fluid and put new fluid in the system after 100,000. Do your transmission fluid changes every 50000 miles. This car has to be kept cool and lubed. Good Idea to put a good lube treatment in the fuel tank, such as Lucas Fuel conditioner. The fuel today is a very dry fuel because of the lack of lead and the additives such as ethanol.They don't have it precisely correct, it wouldn't be a bad Idea to add this conditioner to the fuel and once every fill up. It will be worth it. It adds Lubricity to the system, great for the injectors and the fuel pump which has an internal jet pump etc. All this needs to be done because it is an 8 cylinder aluminum engine. Fluids are dry, fuel etc. Think of any car as a big friction machine. lube the shit out of everything and you wont have a problem. But there are generic pattern failures with this car that shouldn't happen to a 48,000 to 50,000 dollar car new. It doesn't matter how well you maintain it. It is a heavy car and the light aluminum parts will go sooner than later. Always use a good replacement part,many have upgrades after pattern failures were reported. Use A/c Delco , Denso, Timkin, GM , or Moog Hub bearings Moog Front end parts etc. Always try to get original GM parts but Moog and Denso Standard have upgrades and excellent quality control sometimes better than GM. Enjoy
I purchased my caddy 5 years ago with over 100000 miles on it. I now have 160000.I love the ride, and living in Iowa it gets cold in the winter and it has never failed to start. I love this car in spite of a couple of issues.
I have two major complaints; window regulators for one. I have replaced the drivers side front twice, and the rear passenger once. The rear decided to go bad driving down the highway, no one ever sits in my back seat so it wasn't due to use. Now they are bad again.I just located an online parts site where I can purchase four new regulators cheaper than the price of one from a parts yard used. Eagerly waiting for them to arrive. Lucky my hubby was a mechanic before retirement. FREE LABOR!
My biggest complaint of all is the rims. I can't seem to keep air in them the leak all the time. Twice it was from cracks in the rims. Costly repalcement. They have not been curbed or driven flat or on rough roads yet they fail. Every two to three months I have to have the tires removed and the corrision cleaned from the rims and a heavy tire glue applied and then the tire replaced. That is good for a couple of months before it has to be repeated. Very costly and annoying when you have to get another ride to work. I feel GM needs to find another wheel manufacturer or a better design. THEY SHOULD BE RECALLED!!!!!!!
My big fear is that one will fail when I am on the road and cause an accident. So far it has been a crack and I was in town when I noticed it, a break at highway speeds could kill someone. I think the need to be recalled now before someone is seriously injured if they haven't been already.

By the way if you haven't recieved your recall letter yet this model has a recall on the ignition. Remove your key ring and ONLY use the key when operating this model. The extra weight can cause the ignition to shut off and has caused accidents. I got my letter about a week ago so it is not hear-say.
I purchased a 2004 Cadillac DeVille. I will admit that the previous owner maintained this car according to the scheduled maintenance plan. It had all the records from the Cadillac dealer when I purchased it. The previous owner had it for 9 years. It was driven just over 14,500 miles per year. The car is like new. I just love it and the only complaint I would have is that the rotors heat up and warped so I am having a higher grade rotor put on. Great Car if maintained well. My gas mileage has been better than I hoped average of 21.5 in town. I don't know why others seem to complain you get what you buy. If you buy a used car check the records and know what you have purchased. It truly matters. I love my Cadillac DeVille.
Its a great car mechanically. But is has too many sensors and monitors that with time are going to malfunction. I have a 2004 cadillac deville. 190,000 miles. Im having trouble with old wiring and areas being monitored that still work but are old . Setting off codes like crazy and difficult to clear. I still get 19 miles city and 24 miles highway. Mechanically it rides now changing a tps sensor connector. Im getting a code telling me insufficient voltage. Its off by .5volts and im going nuts with this .5 voltage problem. This is age not a problem with the cars running well.So its a pain in the arse so to speak later on. I didnt like changing the head gaskets with 50,000 miles on it. Very expensive etc.Electric switches on steering wheel lighted burn out, still work but they dont light. little bs things that shouldnt happen with this car.Not for the money u spend. If you still keep this car change the oil and filter every 3000 miles. let it drain well. it will run forever.
ILL FIX WHAT EVER I FREAKING LOVE THIS CAR plus every car will break down or another if it is not maintained or tuned. Ppl take good care of ur cars and they will take care of u
Transmission problems are common and very expensive to fix. The price of a transmission replacement just about totals the car. AC system and PS pump have had to be replaced. No oil leaks, no engine failure thus far at 93k miles. Center console/body trim has several weak spots, specifically the center console is broken. Brakes get this big car to stop very well.
Wow . . after reading all these negative reports I am so pleased to add mine to the positive ones [if there are any here]. We purchased our Deville new in late 2004. It currently has 184,000 miles on it. It's service to me has been incredible. Brakes once, torgue converter replaced once, a windshield wiper motor replaced. No other car I've owned in 50 years has given us better service with so little repairs. What else can I say?
I brought this DeVille (2004) used in 2006 with 56,000 mi on it.
This was my first Caddy, however it will be my last. The main thing is the replacement of the window regulators,the dealer soaks you for $550 to replace them,what a racket. I had 3 fail on the car,but had the other two replaced by Prep Boys saving $550.I now have 116,000 miles on it. The car leaks inside on really rainy days there is water in the sun roof panel, the knee bolster came off while I was driving,the screws came out of the center console. The a/c makes loud noises,plus the front suspension is quirky over bumps,yes if the road is flat and smooth the car rides great.Also the front left inner rim were rusting causing low tire pressure,so the fix was to put a sealant around the rim to fix the problem. Nexy car will be a lexus. I want to buy American,however the quality of the Caddy brand is terrible.
I brought this car from an aucstion in August,2011, The car leaks, oil and has white smoke, now. Smells of anti-freeze, on and off. Mechanic fixed rack and pinion steering,didn;t need. $455.00 oil still leaks, mechanic repaired again, transmission seal leaked, oil pan gasket leaked. car still leaking around the driver side wheel, spots on the ground, spot, spot, spot. sound comes from rear passenger side. should have bought a 1998 sts, smaller, but appears less headaches, thinking of trading, for what, all cars seem to have such problem, made with cheap parts.
can we do a class action law suite on the 2004 devile, it sounds like the window motors are bad. I have had to replace all 4. and nobody has ever been in the backseat. how the hell could those go bad? the best is i just traded my 2004 s10 4x4 crew cab with 80,000 miles brad new $25,000 and blue book trade in was 7-8 k i got $7500. then my 2004 caddy deville with 60,000miles and new cost $48,500 the blue book trade in 5-6k why the hell would anyone buy a caddy? this was the last straw i will never ever have a caddy again. . i got a nissan titan 5.6l v8 loaded. not going to loose 40k again
should be renamed to 'Crapillac"
Outstanding car. Have had devilles since 1969 have replaced 3 water pumps on the 69 sold it last year w/ 697000 mi -- not bad!

Had to replace window motor (first one ever in any of my 8 caddys). I run the hell out of them and service maticiously -- that's the key. What is there to say. Afriend of mine traded for a Lexus -- he can't wait to get into his new DTS!

I can't believe that I am the only one who gets the good ones. By the way, my neice just got her honda accord out of the shop for leaks (rain) : this is the 6th time!! This car is 4 yrs old and rust everywhere. I think I'll stick with GM if they survive. I think the Japenese do most of their engineering the same way as the germans -- in their marketing department!
I have over 95,000 miles on my 2004 Deville. During the period of time I have owned this car, I have had to have the head gaskets replaced due to oil leakage. I have had the transmission rebuilt twice, the torque converter repaired, the ABS wheel sensors replaced, the front brake rotors replaced, two driver side window regulators replaced, one passenger side window regulator replaced, the seal to the gas tank replaced to resolve a check engine light that kept coming on, the heater/air conditioning fan motor replaced, a speed shift sensor in the transmission replaced, wiper motor replaced and switch replaced and several other repairs. In total this car has had well over $10,000 in repairs done to it under warranty. My warrantly just expired 3 days ago and now the passenger side window regulator gave out today. The Michelin tires that came on the car, had to be replaced with only 24,000 miles on them. Yhe only thing that is still going strong is the rear brake pads, which are original to the car. Would I buy an other Cadillac? I suppose, as you cannot beat the ride nor how the car rides on the open road for long distances. The only suggestion for anyone considering one of the cars, is to take out the maximum warranty you can to take care of all the repairs you will experience.
Let's see, where do I start. I agree with Russ, in that the Deville is a great car to drive as long as you can keep it out of the repair shop. However, with that being said this car will test you patience and wear out your pocket book. For being GM's elite luxury car line there are too many quality issues and the parts used in this vehicle are subpar at best for this type of car. GM also refuses to acknowledge these issues by turning a deaf ear. If you don't believe me read the nuerous cadillac forums pertaining to window regulators, vibration issues, warped rotors, parking brakes etc. During the warranty period this car was in the dealer numerous times for vibration and electical issues. The cause ended up being warpped rotors and improper tire balance which they fixed. The electical issues they kind of fixed however i can not use the front auxillary outlet to charge my phone or run my GPS because my fuse will blow. So, I'm left with having to plug into the outlets that are in the rear doors. between 36,000 and 40,000 miles I had to replace the crappy michelin tires that came with the car despite rotating them at every oil change. In addition all of the window regulators failed and had to be replaced. The plastic clips that hold up the slide mechanism are too cheap and weak for the weight of the glass. This really irritated me because the only windows that were ever used were the fronts. The rear windows were never rolled down. The kicker is that even though the motor is still good, you have to buy a whole new assembly which cost $450 from the dealer because the motor is riveted instead of bolted to the regulator. Thank God for Ebay. To boot the driver side regulator busted on one of the coldest nights of the year. I was an hour away from home driving on the freeway and the window slammed down so hard inside the door that it shattered. Needless to say I was furious. At around the 45,000 mile mark the air-bags for the self leveling system went bad and had to be replaced. At the 50,000 mile mark 1/2 of the L.E.D.'s on the driveside mirror for the turnsignal went out so that had to be replaced. Also, the front bearings needed to be replaced. Near the 55,000 mile mark the the front axle bushings were replaced due to severe tranny fluid leakage. Shortly after that my parking brake locked up without ever being engaged. I also started to pick up a vibration in the front end again. Lo and behold, warped rotors and a blown caliper. No that the 70,000 mile mark is soon approaching I can only imagine what will go next. Tranny maybe? The thing that really gets me is that I park this car in the garage, dont drive it hard, baby it and maintain it religously and still this car falls apart. Nice looking car Horrible quality. NO More Cadillacs for me. I've had Lincoln's and Crown Vic's and never came close to having these kind of issues. The only reason i went with a caddy was becasue I wwanted a good luxury car that was front wheel drive to give me better handling in the snow. IMOP If you want a quality luxury vehicle buy a Ford product.