2003 Cadillac DeVille Reviews and Owner Comments

2003 Cadillac DeVille owners review and rate their 2003 Cadillac DeVille.

2003 Cadillac DeVille (7 Reviews)
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I had this car since new. Common problems be brakes and replaced 3rd solenoid. The Deville runs like a champ purchased it in 2003 brand new of Feb '03 still have all records. Got DHS model look super fantastic just love my Caddy enjoying many more years of life with it.
I have a 2003 Deville DHS that I absolutely love!!!!
my power sterring and power brakes stop is there a relay are something
got the car wit 42,000 for 18,955 ran good now has 140,000 now starting to give me problems big ones every thing is starting to go at once. when i take it to the shop who ever fix it say these cars are time cusoming to fix and labor is costly parts are cheep but u must have money to get it fix because u brought it to me. but other than that till now 2003 deville is the best model i had out of them all so if u get one get it with low millage and sale it before u get to 120,000
I purchased my 2003 Deville DTS w/ 23000 miles on it. After having this car I highly doubt that I will ever purchase another Cadillac. The day I took the car home the window modulator went out, and since then two window regulators have stopped working, I have to replace my idle control valve, my interior lights won't come on, when I lock the doors with my remote the alarm goes off 10 min. afterward, my stability and traction control indicators come on for no reason at all, when I took the car to get ONE of the regulators replaced they took the door panel off and found MASKING TAPE holding certain parts together...It's a nice car but it's not worth the trouble and money.
Owned the car for 4 years, bought it with 45000mi. Have replaced 3 window regulators, cam and crank position sensors, gas cap, blower motor and related electronics, the awful Michelin tires that came with the car, and a wheel speed sensor.

It's comfortable, and it looks good. But it's a money pit - plain and simple. There are more reliable cars with similar comfort and convenience for less money. Owned a 94 DeVille before this one, will not own another one again.
I purchased the car w/ 38,000 miles 2 years ago and I have 50,000 miles now. I was informed I need major transmission work.
The car is in like new condition. I can't believe I have to spend that kind of $$ on a car w/ 50,000 miles. This is my 2nd Cadillac and most likely my last.