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2002 Cadillac DeVille (13 Reviews)
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It is unfortunate that this car which my wife loves is such an maintenance nite-mare! Purchased in 2005 with 28K miles, now 8 years later and 107k miles, I have spent $12,200 in repairs, maintenance and tires. Do not purchase a 2000 - 2006 Deville as they are all ranked below average in reliability by Consumer Reports. Without a doubt the worst car decision I have ever made. The upside with this car is the great highway comfort, roomy back seat and the huge trunk that will carry all your stuff to Fl every year.
I just bought my Deville 2002 so far so good all these BAD reviews are worrying me, i had owned a 1997 and fan went out and blew head gasket with in a month of buying it used in 2012 soooooo I'm trying it again with this 2002 Deville. will update if any problems occure
I have owned a 2001 Deville for 6 years now. I put a lot of miles a week on it and it has proven to be extremely reliable. I currently have 185,000 miles. I find the maintenance to be very easy with the OBD system telling you what is wrong. All repairs have been easy and low cost. My Cadillac actually costs less than my bosses honda which is a POS. I am doing some maintenance now that I wish I did earlier such as put new sparkplugs and change the transmission fluid to the new Dexron VI. If you neglect the oil changes your going to pay dearly.

I have had to replace all the window regulators and it is only difficult the first time, very easy to do once you have it down.
Toni back again:!!!!!

I bought my Caddy brand new 2000 loved it loved it.
Now it is a nightmare from hell.
GM better check with their people who have purchased their caddies.
I think they make them last until a certain time and then everyting
eventually will break down and you would have to sell the car or get a new one (I hope it is not a caddy again) I loved the car and now it is not even worth the repairs (I maintained this car like it was my child). At this time I can not afford a new car or even a used one so I am almost forced to fix the unbelevable prices to fix it. Caddy dealers should tell you that the car will break down guaranteed witin the next 2 to 3 years and then after look out an avalanch of break downs. Soory I am so negative but I am a single woman just trying to make a decent living with a beautiful car that breaks down with something all of the time. Just Me signing off for now. Will let you know if I get truly disgusted and buy a new car (not a Caddy that is for sure).
bought new... overall very low maintenance...110,000 miles now and the repairs are starting to outweigh its value..overdrive sensor needs replacing(in the transmission)....air conditioner compressor has a bad bearing....fuel pump is making noise...these are all costly repairs i have been putting off...but overall have been very satisfied with the still looks and drives like far as the window's a common problem to ALL GM cars and trucks...having owned several i have replaced a total of 14 window regulators in the past 10 years....
the worst purchase i made in my lifetime will never buy one again HEADACHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
love engine ride everything
I bought my 02 Deville DTS for $5,800 earlier this year and it has been a complete nightmare. The alluminum engine heads and block (and alluminum head-bolts as well) are unreliable and prone to cracking, etc. The maintenance so far has cost me approx. $7/8,000.00 just to keep the car registered and running. The car itself is beautiful (Sable Black w/ factory Chrome Rims), but good looks won't get you where you want to go. Needless to say, I'm very dissapointed with GM and this car. I will buy Japanese from here on out ...they're simply better cars.
GREAT on the highway. Big mistake I made was not get extended warranty . Costly but still would get another Cadillac.
I have had my Deville since 2006 and its been good to me so far. i replaced water pump 2 years ago, brakes last year, battery this year and now pully and belt for water pump. Other than that its been great.
Excellent road car, very comfortable ride. Repairs are expensive and do-it-yourself repairs are difficult or impossible. So far, (owned since new) I have been very pleased with overall quality and durability (currently have 133,000+ miles). It does use more oil than I wold like (1 quart every 2-3000 miles), but then, that's a lot of miles too. Currently am experiencing an emmissions problem (Secondary Air Injection Check Valves) to the tune of $1100 (dealer price) or DIY of about $445. I think I will try it! Overall, I must say it has been a very good vehicle. My wife will not even consider trading it!
Great travel car if you can afford the repairs. I have owned my 2002 for 2 years now and have replaced:
EGR valve, idler motor, water pump and pulley system, air housing box, coolant reservoir tank and sensor, coolant hosing, radiator, and now the head gaskets leak.
This car is a mess with repairs and not worth the many thousands for repair work. Not to mention, most of the mechanics where I am refuse to work on the northstar engine.
love this car however repeatedly replacing brakes, both front and rear, bought new, and at 82,000 miles had replaced rotors "6" times and pads "8" times (not exaggerating) headed towards the 9th set of pads. Dealer states normal wear and issue, My Lexus was fantastic on brakes, and wonderful resale value, which I know I will not have on this Caddy, but oh well wanted another Caddy, nothing like Caddys used to be and were, will most likely go back to foreign (Acura or Lexus) mainly for fantastic resale value and again up keep alot cheaper.