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1999 Cadillac DeVille (10 Reviews)
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I have a 99 cadillac deville that keeps getting hot even after changing the thermostat, water pump, fan relays(because fan wasnt coming on)and still it overheats. Any suggestions?
Need help with my husbands 99' Cadillac De Ville. He put too much weight on the back tires and now they have a "buzz sound" and don't drive straight. Our Haynes Repair Manual doesn't shows what kind of bushing he needs for the rear tire (right side). The Williamson Cadillac in Miami, send "lots of nuts" (will not solve the problem).
i have a 1999 Cadillac De Ville,its been a great care.bought it from auto action.ran good for abt 5 months then it ran hot, these cars have a problem with the head gasket bolts that cause it to leak and run hot.i put liquid copper in it abt 8.00.i know they say dont put stop leak in it but it works.stop the leak stopped it from running hot.and the check engine light went back off,and it runs good.but you might have to repeat the step abt once a year.just started having a different when i turn my car off sometimes the ac/heater blower is still on blowing inside the car,it goes back off when i put the key in and turn the switch.
I have a 1999 Cadillac Deville with the North Star Engine. I am having problems with over heating. I have replaced thermostat, water pump, radiator, and it still runs hot. I really runs hot when I run my A/C. If someone has the same problem, please tell me what you did to fix it.
I bought this car used. A Cadillac has/had always been my dream car.
Sadly, this one has been a nightmare. It has literally been one problem after another. I didn't even get it home from the dealer before the service engine light came on. It has been in the shop more than any car I have ever drove.
I should have found a Toyota and took my chances with it taking off and not stopping.
My parents this for meit had 130k miles on it, i put on about 12k since, I love this car! nice interior, smooth ride i love flooring it and hearing that 3.2v northstar. keep the fuel level above a quarter of a tank, other wide you'll paying around $500 for a new fuel pump. i can tell the previous owner abused it quite a bit, when i shift it into drive, the car is in neutral, and when it's in 3rd it goes into drive, not that big of a deal, the heater only blows out of the feet, but when the car is warmed up and the heater is cranking on high, it gets to hot! 2 of the three cigarette lighters don't work, but all i need is one for my GPS. it has all the nice little details you would want in a car. upkeep can be a little on the expensive side, but it's totally worth it.
This is a pretty good car. I drive a few cars, but this one is the one I drive the most. There is no comparison to my mom's Toyota Corolla; this car blows it away. I only get about 15 city and 20 highway. I have driven it about 10,000 miles in just about a year and I love it. Now I got this car from my grandma and I really wanted to get a 95-03 Mustang GT. They're cheap and pretty fast, and besides I'm in high school. After I started driving the Caddy I could tell how smooth the ride was and how nice the interior was. The entire display is electronic and it has nice climate control. The leather seats are comfy and heated, and the car has so much space inside. I can fit two people in my trunk (alive), and the back seat is like a twin bed. The car has a really nice Northstar v8 which makes even a huge, heavy car like that move pretty quick. Now I was hoping to get a Mustang and add some racing parts, tint the windows, get a new stereo, and maybe add a supercharger to make it faster, but until I'm able to afford all of that, the Caddy does the job pretty well. I love to compete in an occasional stop-light race against the car across from me, and my car does surprisingly well. Now I've beaten a Mustang GT, an old old BMW, a ricer Honda Civic, a Chevy Malibu & Impala, and somehow a Nissan 350z.... still not sure how. But I love the car, its just that its stereotyped as an old-lady car, and it doesn't look too appealing on the outside. I have had very few problems with the car so far. I have only had to fix a turn signal relay, and an engine hose. Overall, its a pretty good car.
Brought with 82K on it. Needed minor, brakes.....oh and rear brake lines. Not cool. Also, I have a problem with the blower motor for the A/C. Replaced the old, worked for bout 2 weeks, now dead again. Take gas like a 4X4 but all around good car.
Original owner: Dealer replaced tranny and computer when new. Car bottoms out on many speed bumps and driveways. Crankcase has leaked oil since 30k miles. Replaced radiator, water pump, surge tank, air pump for rear suspension, alternator . Head gasket still ok at 100k miles. Somewhat high maintenance.
All good except the head gasket is leaking into the cylinder,
Have to run the car a little above idle for about 30 seconds for the engine to smooth out.
I've tried all sealants but when I hit passing gear at high speed it blows the sealant out and we're back to square one.
Like the leak is in the exhaust side?