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1994 Cadillac DeVille owners review and rate their 1994 Cadillac DeVille.

1994 Cadillac DeVille (9 Reviews)
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Purchased quite used in December of 2013. This Fleetwood had 84,000 miles after twenty years! The ride cannot be beat. The mileage is excellent (24MPG) and the power (160 HP) is phenominal. I said many years ago that I'd not ever drive an ugly car. This is the car of my dreams. When something on it needs attention, I don't mind putting the money into's worth it!
I was bequeathed my second lac from my mom in 1999 which she bought new in 1995, it is now 2011 and it still looks amazing, having a lil trouble with the tranny, which is being fixed, and just serviced the top of the motor, new injectors a thorough throttle body cleaning down to the heads, removed center head and replaced valve covers and all hoses. Hey its been 18 plus years of the good life, its time to treat her rite. wouldnt give it up for the world.
1994 deville or DEVIL-le.Here is a brief summary of the problems I have or had with mine. Fuel filler neck leaks onto hot muffler. Fuel door sticks closed. Abs sensor wire on front passenger side breaks easily and costs over $100 for 1 wire!Brake lines rust and fail very easily. Cheap plastic radiator causes transmission oil cooler rupture causing transmission to burn up.Egr valve sticks open or closed and costs over $350 for the part. Ecm is noteworthy as crap.Reoccuring code p076 despite 2 transmission rebuilds and extensive electrical testing. Not enough head room. On the plus side you will still look classy broken down on the road. Gm should be embarassed.
Im a 4 time caddy owner, nothing like deville's , even had 2 escalades cnt beat the ride and it eats up highway.
i love my lac wouldnt trade it for any other car it may give me some problems time from time put when you fix enough stuff in it will run like a dream
I have had this car now for 3 years and its amazing I have had to replace the cadilac converter, tune-up, and brakes I have put around 120k miles on it in the three years its now @ 260k miles and runs amazing!!!!!! FOR ANYONE EALSE THAT HAS THIS SMAE CAR I WILL GIVE U SOME ADVICE TO MAKE IT RUN BETTER!!!!!!!! 1ST IT SAYS PREIUM GAS THAT 93 OCTANE USE IT U WILL NOTICE A BIG DIFFRENCE AFTER ABOUT 6 FILLUPS WHEN U FILL IT UP USE LUCUIS FUEL INJECTOR CLEANER IT HELPS WITH GAS MILLAGE AND HELPS THE CAR RUN BETTER!!! 2ND CHANGE THE CADLIAC CONVERTER TO A SMALLER ONE!!! BETTER GAS SONDS BETTER!!!
I have have had this car for awhile adn with the milage is on it it runs like a champ AND I DRIVE FAST!!! IM 25!!!! my average gas millage is 20- 22.8 miles for long distance driving across the country it gets about 30-34 miles/gallon remember curse control is ur friend!!
Bought Her in 2006, have had some issues but overall I've it 's a great car. Have invested 4k so far, it's surely a worth while investment. When I do get another car, it will certainly be a Caddy.
Had numerous problems with my Deville. 3 fuel injectors replaced twice now, remote entry control module died 4 yrs. ago, active struts quit 10 yrs. ago, front sterio speakers went bad several yrs. ago, replaced power trunk pulldown motor and all attachments 3 tiimes, replaced power antenna/motor, body shop cannot find trunk leak, pass.rear window motor? died 2 months ago, engine pings when warm and driving up hills. ect. Bought 1994 Deville chrome wheels 3 yrs. ago. Since then tires wouldn't hold air for long. Had adhesive put inside of tires to adhere beading. Worked except for one tire.Could keep listing problems but not enough room. All in all, I still love my Deville even though my '91 Towncar never once gave me any problems.
Its been a good car, but recently replaced 3 power steering pumps before i found out its the rack and pinion, and there she sits. Everything is so hard to get to, changing plugs are rediculous some stuff aint too bad but i do all my own work. Trying to prepare my body and mind to replace the pinion... Uuugh!