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2012 Cadillac CTS (2 Reviews)
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I have a 2011 CTS that has always had a vibration that no one has been able to locate. The service department says that it is the leather in the seats rubbing together. It is worse in warm weather and is driving me nuts!! Has anyone experienced a similar situation?
Like my 2012 CTS AWD but have COMPLAINT regarding noise(s)coming from trunk/gas tank area when coming to complete stop, then I hear the noise in rear..Sounds like something rolling in my trunk. Either backing up (worst) or forward. Happens depending on amt of gas in tank. Worst when tank has around 1/2 tank of gas. Not noticeable when either full or 1/4 less. Dealer feels this is due to design of gas tank (horse shoe/saddle shape) gas splashing back in forth. Really bad when quite in car,no radio on. It's a Cadillac! Shouldn't have any noises like this. I've own several Cad but never had this issue.I test drove another new CTS and it did the same. Has anyone else had this problem?