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2005 Cadillac CTS (7 Reviews)
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Piece of crap. I will never buy another Cadillac again after all problems had just liked my 2000 Seville. This car spent 18 days into shop even overnight for bad engine module at 85,000 miles my mechanic advised that might go ahead get another engine replacement plus took to dealer 23x for bad trans/leaking oil situation but was charged higher fee since my car is out of warranty thought changing oils would been better actually wrong the car now burns oil like crazy still didn't do any good. I've had brake problems spent $123.98 on rotors, calipers and pinions they seemed need changing just about every year or so the car is breaking me at this time. The battery blew twice went to places like NAPA, AutoZone and Advance Auto getting new batteries because some reason it's something in engine causing my batteries to just blow for no apparently reason. I spent too much getting new catalytic converter although didn't go through my dealer figured go to mechanic be cheaper instead dealing with hassles but couldn't win for losing the car might need another one replaced. Can't believe a car over 10 years old with low miles has tons of problems for beautiful car like this one I take very good care of it even when took into dealer for services starting having these problems contacted GM was just worst for me because no one didn't help with the problems. I'm already finished paying car off for 5 years ago but now it's time for me get another vehicle know ever trade in wouldn't be worth nothing as this car value probably not a thing in all expensive repairs put down on it. Steering had to be checked by a mechanic seems something was making popping noises from under dashboard plus had a leak on my leg might be bad steering pump leak my mechanic couldn't find anything what be caused of it all I know it's not a Cadillac. When made another mistake should have known better not to touch another Cadillac after dealing with another 5 year old car was a lemon as well but now never again buy a Cadillac time for me move on another make after experience with both Cadillac's looking at Hyundai or etc. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!
My 2005 CTS was making engine noise and loss of engine oil. Dealer in El Centro California stated I needed a replacement engine. Dealer replaced and 2 years and 50K miles later, the same problem. Dealer says I need a replacement engine again!!
GMC needs to look into this!!

Oscar Martinez
Constant leak in the trunk and accessory brake light which costs over $700 to replace. Under the hood intermittent issues with the battery (replaced twice ), spark plugs (same plug replaced twice) and occasionally, the car just won't start (no warning, no lights, no clue). This is a tempermental vehicle.
Purchased used with 80,000 miles. Well maintained with all service records. Beautiful car with a beautiful ride... when it's running. I have put an additional 30,000 miles on it, but it has required two full brake jobs (front and rear), at least 4 blown fuses, cylinder coil replacement, washer fluid censor and two new batteries, among other things. My engine light is on most of the time, but GM service never seems to find the issue. Some people would say "what do you expect with a car that has over 100K miles?" My responce is that my 3 previous cars (Toyotas) had well over 200K before I had any real issues other than very standard maintenance. I still haven't owned a RELIABLE American car since my 1970 Malibu.
Bought the car used from CarMax - it had 46000 miles on it. In the year and I half I have owned it, put another 40000 miles on it, including a number of long distance trips.
Have not had a single problem. It has great acceleration, cornering and is very comfortable, even for my size (6'2" and 240 lbs). Will buy another one when this one reaches 150000 miles
This car handles great and has a very good turning radius. I did have a tail light go out which is more difficult to replace than it needs to be. ai have 50000 miles on it and the water pump went out. The repair shop said it was common. Cadillac is suppose to be GMs top of the line but they can't seem to make the engine last to at least 100000 miles with no problems.
wonderful car! no problems