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2001 Cadillac Catera owners review and rate their 2001 Cadillac Catera.

2001 Cadillac Catera (3 Reviews)
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Worst car GM ever put the Cadillac name on! Original owner traded to dealer for new Impala ... and as the second owner we now know why! In first week of owning and at only 32K all seals failed mixing oil and coolant throughout engine block. Car was under full warranty so GM had to tear apart and rebuild at their expense (dealer refused to take the car back and argued every time the car came in for other problems and they never supplied items that were missing when I took delivery: owner's manual and cargo net, both had been removed from gthe car. Englewood Buick/Chevrolet/GMC in Englewood, NJ ... DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!). Between 32K and 45K here are a few more problems that surfaced: the third brake light failed (400.00 to replace, not included in warranty); the fog lights shorted out (too expensive to fix so they still don't work); various electrical problems that still occur; a burnt sensor on the transmission that would completely shut-down the car while traveling (replaced under warranty); warning lights that come on and off for no reason and when no problem exists. In short this is a high-maintenance and very expensive car to own. When everything works as it should the Catera is extremely comfortable and very much a great highway driver. When something goes wrong - as it does constantly - the car is a true horror. Stay away from the Catera and don't take any chance that you'll find one that'll never give trouble ... if you do take the chance you'll be sorry and bankrupt. I can't wait to dump the thing for a Lincoln MKZ.
this cas after 5 years just keeps falling apart. Poor excuse for a cadilac. Very costly to have repaired 2001 only 57000 mile and looking at new motor not trade time.
this is the red headed stepchild of caddy gm. it was the caddy that zagged. this is the result of gm buying opel of europe. it is called a opel omega in germany and a vauxhaul in england.
for the money you cant get a better car. i have owned for three years, and am the second owner. i knew the issues with the timing belt etc. that is why when i bought the car, i got an extended warranty. the warranty has paid for itself many times over. cadilac dealers aren't prepared or willing in many cases to repair. the mechanics that were trained thru caddy are limited and since this was the last year it was made in the states, it is getting fewer yet.
overall the car in my opinion rivals the bmw, mercedes and audi. for comfort and performance. with that though as i stated, repairs are expensive. i would not have purchased this car without an extended warranty. the car still looks great and has great curb appeal. people often stop to see what it is exactly. i have made some minor body changes. such as a euro front grillle and rear oem spoiler. it is now 8 years old with 92,000 miles and im getting ready to sell it to upgrade before the warranty runs out. oh buy the way, it is also a very safe car. it has side airbags and is quite a strong heavy car, as are the other german cars.