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1998 Buick Riviera (2 Reviews)
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I bought a 1998 Riviera for my wife new in late 1998. This has been the best car we have ever owned, everything is original and everything works like new. the car now has 142,000 miles 11-8-10. The only thing ever replaced was the normal maintenence items like brakes spark plugs at 100,000, on the 2cnd set of Goodyears, replaced at around 55K, front struts replaced at around 75K. The only bulb or light replaced on this car has been the center brake light. The riv still drives nice and smooth, the seat are soft leather, no rips. Paint is shiny, one of the best cars ever made.
Purchased off lease in 2001 with 35,000 miles. Car has been trouble-free mechanically. I've replaced the power windows switch on the driver's side, the struts twice, and the battery. Everything else is routine. I now have 132,000 miles on the car. I did recently have the car repainted. GM's clearcoat failed all over the top of the car at 10 years. I have always had an aggravating highway-speed vibration on this car. Using Google to search for possible fixes, it seems that GM has a ton of Park Aves, Cadillac Sevilles, Olds Auroras, Bonnevilles, and Rivieras with the same shake. Multiple sets of new tires, even a new rim have not solved the problem. The shake is just enough to annoy you at 68mph. Other than the shake, the car is beautiful and has held up well.