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1997 Buick Riviera (2 Reviews)
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I have a 1997 buick rivera I start my car in the morning and drive for about 15 minutes my car cuts off while driving i then put the car in neutral while driving the car starts back up. it does this twice a day. after that I have no more problems until the next day. what is the problem?
Purchased new 1997 Riviera. The paint started peeling off after 2-3 years. Noticed this problem on many other Rivieras. Was told it is due to a poor seal coat on this model. Brakes were always a problem. Now the ABS AND T/C LIGHT STAY ON due to major problems...needs new ABS system. Had to replace engine due to two rods broke. It turns out there is (3) different series engine for this car the first (2) series engines had cast iron rods and they would break. Problem was finally fixed in the series (3) engine when they went with steel rods. My engine was replaced with the same series (2) which was in the car, so I am waiting for rods to break again. These above problems are common in this model.. If it were not for these problems, it would be the best car I ever bought. I do take care of my cars other being a 2005 Park Avenue (same series (2) engine (no problem so far)