2005 Buick Rendezvous Reviews and Owner Comments

2005 Buick Rendezvous owners review and rate their 2005 Buick Rendezvous.

2005 Buick Rendezvous (8 Reviews)
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Love my Buick because so comfortable and easy to drive. However, have had to replace wheel bearings twice, has a clunk in transmission occasionally but my transmission guy says not major problem, the back suspension is now rough and the traction light comes on when I turn but doesn't show a problem on the diagnostics. The problems have come at 208000kms though. I would buy a Buick again.
I have a 2005 Buick Rendevous, Since the first month Ive had it Ive experienced several issues, the fuel mileage is horrible-$55 to fill. Im having security issues, all of my lights come on the dash and the windows wont roll up or down and the car keeps beeping. If Im breaking and turning at the same time my brakes slide and wont stop, Security light blinking telling me to service engine soon, traction off, low gas even though I know I have a full tank, Ive also experienced several dead batteries becuasue once the security feature is active the head light wont go out,, its a real headache no more!!
do not buy this car !many problems ,broken springs,abs system failed,differential system humming,repalced fluid due again this month. transaxle bearing leaked,no interior light for maps,struts are rusting out,transmission not shifting properly,boots from standing start. junk car
I bought my 2005 Rendezvous in 2006 with 19K miles on it. No significant problems, mechanically. The rear right arm rusted out and had to be replaced in 2008. Rusting seems to be the biggest issue now, but it is 7 years old and the car has about 150,000 miles on it. Overall, it's been a good vehicle. Very roomy, easy to drive.
just bought it and I keep hearing so many bad things about it. I've had it a month and so far terrible gas mileage is the problmem so far. Pick up on it wasn't what I expected for a 3.4 V6. It's slow and tends to bog down. Time will tell about other issues that may come up. Overall I like the car but I don't think I'll buy another Buick. I'm going to get the new Kia or a Chevy candy apple red Chevy malibu. I traded in a 07 chevy impala for the Buick. )- : DUH!
It has 90K miles on it and the mechanic can't seem to fix my issue with the brake lights coming on will never buy a buick again
Bought this car for my wife and I would have been better off getting her a puppy. It is the Ultra model, with all possible upgrades. Granted I bought the car from the dealer wiht 10K on it, we have had major service issues with it and the dealer has done nothing to support me buying another American car brand. The upgraded chrome wheels have all peeled causing valve stem damage and all 4 tires had to be replaced. Buick did step up and cover $ of wheels, but not the taxes and resulting new tires. $1200 out of pocket. 2 years later, same problem. Back gate latch doesnt work, rear suspension compressor out, numerous other small issues, fuses, you name it, all taking it toll financially on a car with only 61K on it. I would recommend anything but this Buick. If you own a Rendevous sell it while you can
I love my car. I spent YEARS choosing it. I bought it new. I was looking for a vehicle that drove like a car, had seating like a van and sat up a little higher like an SUV.
The only real problem I've had was during the first 30 days I owned it I discovered there was a faulty fuel sensor. The dealership was a nightmare getting it fixed but I don't blame that on Buick or the Rendevous. Following that and 5 years of dealing with the dealer on routine items, I know its a problem on the local level.
I did have to replace the clips on one of my windows. The original design was plastic and that is inferior. The new ones were $25 and are steel. In my opinion, Buick should have covered that little cost.