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2003 Buick Regal (6 Reviews)
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I have had 3 buick regal gs white All have lost their paint Anyone have a suggestion or the same problem
Think my 3.8 jumped timing, when I go to start it I get spark and fuel but after cranking for only a few seconds it feels like the engine jumps then it stops cranking
This is the most expensive car I have ever owned. All the window motors broke and needed to be replaced, ($1600) I had to get a new catalytic converter ($800..?) the gas gauge is broken, the dash board lights went out and had to be completely replaced($400 used)I have had to get new break pads (300)Most of the warning lights come on and off daily and the car randomly shuts off (not fixed yet $1500..?)There is a coolant leak ($300)The heater goes in and out, I haven't even gone in to see how much that is going to cost me. GM used a coolant, Dex Cool; and I had to get a full flush(150)I also need a new transmission. There are many other problems with the car. In one year I have spent more to fix it than I paid to buy the car. Not worth the money. The look and interior are the only things I like. Gas mileage is average. Nothing great. (ALL BEFORE 130,000 MILES)
Im on my 3 rd BUICK REGAL GS From what i've heard,most electrical issues leads back to the ignition.So even though there is no code stored in the computer, these cars automatically store the codes and I believe that after 15 ignitions (key turns) the codes store and the check engine light goes off Another thing is that the fuel sending unit and pump will stop working I found out AFTER I put a full tank of gas in it The fuse for the fuel pump will blow out So if this ever happens check the fuse for the fuel pump and prepare to replace the pump so you dont get stranded again
I love my Buick and it operates great. I had to have the catalytic convertor replaced about 3 years ago and it's been okay. Now for no reason it cuts off and I have to put it in neutral and recrank. It cranks fine, but it's very scary when I'm traveling alone. Computer shows nothing is wrong and naturally it won't do it when my mechanic drives it. Unpredictable! Help.
Its a great car but it makes a louder air sucking noise, when running that i have not noticed on other cars and have not been able to figure out the cause . It also seems at times to be hotter than it should be when i have parked it. handles well, rides well. CUP holder spring broke!