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2001 Buick Regal (5 Reviews)
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Car is running OK. I've had 10 accidents but at least my poor little Buick is ticking. Had minimal issues after car has been damaged several times. Under acceleration it smokes bad from rear of exhaust plus engine burns 1quart of oil but still runs like new. Replaced pinions and brakes four times now my rack is leaking very dependable car though looks like someone got mad took their frustration out on my poor car she is a sweetheart to drive. Hate the fact she has been injured so many times some kind of way wish their was a car makeover as with fashion models are giving my car an extreme makeover making look like a brand new car all over again. So far it hasn't stalled though goes through heavier snow I even myself crashed in couple of things after driving around neighborhoods in heavier snow and sleek roads. My driver side window doesn't work anymore or cruise control switched plus my ''ENGINE SOON LIGHT'' is on don't know what the problem could be haven't noticed rough idling or bad acceleration from the car but will have it checked out sooner. I am surprised that my Buick is running flawless to say been demolished lots of times must have been a great dependable car ever assemble in Flint MI won't die yet being in bad shape.
driving down road almost like u put brake on now no reverse what is wrong
i own a 2001 buick regal LS i am the 2nd owner since aug. 2010. By 2011 i started having problems with the ignition it used to lock on me then went away. After that problem it was the gear shift when u press it down to shift it was hard to press down to shift, so i banged the hell out of it one day and it went away. Now its jan. 2013 and i found a gad leak under the hood hopefully it wont cost as much but we will see tomorrow. Honestly i think the car is good as long as u treat it right, nice and comfy to drive and love the body shape.
MY rack and pinion is leaking on the right side
Great car overall, maintenance cost has not been overwhelming. There was a lot of cabin noise, but had some adjustments made to the suspension and now the noise level is low and the ride smooth. The electric windows can be a problem and repair is costly, but have had only one malfunction in four years, but I still love the car; a supercharged family car, you can't beat that.