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2000 Buick Regal (6 Reviews)
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I own a 2000 gs with the supercharged 3.8.

this car is the biggest POS I have ever owned. It is an electrical system nightmare. sometimes when you turn it on all the dash lights flash rapidly and it wont start. Do not buy one of these GM pieces of CRAP. almost everyone has electrical issues. GM JUNKER
My first Buick Regal have owned other Buick models before. Had 68,000 miles on it when I bought it. Other than regular maintenance, there have been few major issues. Have replaced tires, battery, serpentine belt. Major issues I've had - the air conditioner failed due to refrigerant leaking out and no one has been able to find the leak to fix it yet. Possible wheel bearing failure I am dealing with now. I let another family member take the car because I am 6' tall and even though there is good leg room once inside, I hit my head almost every time I try to get in. If I had it to do over, I would not have bought this car for me. A real headache...
I have owned 2 Buick Regals in my driving history. The first, a 2 door, coupe was totaled in a MVA. The second, a 4 door sedan, I bought certified used. I have absolutely no complaints of any kind with either of the Regals I have owned. My experience is the Buick Regal is an extremely reliable, dependable, comfortable, stylish car. Yes, I keep up all the recommended maintainance and don't cut corners. I hope one day to purchase a brand new Regal.
I enjoy my Buick a lot. Only gave the engine a "4" since a modern 3900 gets more power with a few extra MPG, it's very good though. Runs smooth at all times, shift smooth while still being pretty fast. Nice low cruising RPMs, like 2000 at 75, it'll do 1100RPM at 25 and about 1250 at 45. Ride is smooth, handling is decent for a vehicle it's size; however it is rather large and heavy, I just drove a Paseo for instance and it could probably take a corner at double the speed. (However a car like that is cramped, the Buick is definitely not.)

Funny you guys mention the cup holders -- my rear ones are fine (and can be reached from the front seat..) but the fronts ones, we had a cold snap where it was about 10 below or so, I get in the car and the cupholders just spontaneously disintegrated, chunks of plastic and springs just flew out of the spot where it used to be. It's out of character for this car, the rest of the interior is quite nice and not disintegrating at all 8-)
Such a comfortable car and it handles beautifully. I will be hitting 35,000 miles this coming week. It's like driving a brand new car. All that's missing is the new car smell. I love this car.
The Buick Regal is a great family car. The engine and transmission work well together. The ride may be a bit soft for some but long freeway trips are a breeze. My only major repair has been with the transmission and that was covered under warranty. Inside trim and seats are holding up well.