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2004 Buick Rainier (9 Reviews)
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I bought the 2004 rainier 4.2 cxl new off the showroom floor. This has been the best suv I have ever owned. It has 173,000 miles. Repairs have been normal. 1 water pump and thermostat. 1 set of sparkplugs. Replaced air filter, fuel filter and had tranny fluid changed every year. Replaced coolant every 2 years. Replaced belt at 100k miles. Recently the speedometer started sticking. Dealer wanted $650 to replace the instrument cluster. With a little research I found that the servo motor was bad for the speedometer. I found on ebay the kit to replace it with. It came with 4 servo motors, solder iron and sucker plus all new light bulbs for the circuit board for $24. It only took me 1 and a half hours to do the job. It is not difficult at all. Tire wear has been good, around 55k miles on a set. everything on the suv still works. I just bought a 2012 Cadillac srx with 20k miles on it . I can only hope it is as good as the Rainier has been. Still have the Rainier and running great. Dealer wanted me to trade it in on the caddy. Haha, no flipping way.
I just brought a used 2004 with 180000 miles on it....I have had a few small problems with it..but I love it and it a great driving suv..
have dtc po410 code 4.2 engine any answers
bought a 2004 with 53,000 miles on it did'nt have any major issues until 90,000 miles.waterpump,belts,air suspenson, nice vehicle, Iwould get it again if I needed a vehicle.
2004 Rainier was a great car until about 85000 miles then everything seemed to hit, air ride failed, sensor problems, air blower fan, cd player, power seats, great gas mileage though. about 21 on the highway
Bought my 2004 Rainier used with 28,000 miles on it, in 2006. I strive to take care of my vehicle with routine preventive maintenance however, despite my efforts I've had major issues with this lemon since shortly after purchasing it. I've had to replace every major component of the front suspension, the catalytic converter failed at 84,000 miles, causing an issue with the exhaust manifold, and now the head gasket leaks. Not to mention the speedometer doesn't work and passenger window motor died.

This is the worst vehicle I've ever owned. I will never buy another Buick product!
It has been a great car except for the rear suspension system! No standard shocks. It has and air bag system in the place of shocks. You can hear it pumping up occasionally.
When it fails it is costly to fix as the whole rear end sinks to within a couple of feet off the road surface. Standard shocks are a much better/cheaper system!
bought with 2000 miles on it in 2005, have not had any major problems. Syill has original tires, original brakes. Modell is ccl with all wheel drive. Would buy again,
I have owned since 04 and i love it. i do lots of camping and has space for 3 with regular maint. i havn't had any problems