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2005 Buick LeSabre (12 Reviews)
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I purchased my 2005 Buick Le Sabre Custom with 22873 miles. She is like new and has been kept in the garage since new. The previous owner just turned 90 and now lives in an assisted living facility. I replaced both Low Beams lamps with new ones since one was burnt out. I've read that you should replace both bulbs for the same brightness. I am having the transmission flushed and replaced with synthetic transmission fluid and filter with a very reputable Trans shop. I've read the transmission should be serviced at 40K, but feel quite good at doing at ten years old, @ 23K miles. I never thought that I would be buying this car, but really, a little ole lady who drove it to church, groceries, and to get her hair done on Thursdays??? We consider her the "Donna Reed" of our little city here in Windcrest Texas, adjacent to San Antonio. I had no idea where the battery was or how to change the headlight bulbs, but thanks to "You tube", it all worked out great. I removed the headlight fixtures rather than scaring up my hands and besides, there's no way in hell, you can keep your hands of that bulb, trying to wiggle it back in. It took a #10 metric socket and I removed both bolts in less than a minute. Thank you "You Tube". I bought a case of 12, "Wix" oil filters for less than 50 dollars (That's less than $5 each) delivered to my door! I purchased Mobile 1 Synthetic at Costco, 5w30, on sale for $26 for 6 quarts. (I don't buy until it’s on sale, and it always goes on sale) I've researched and feel confident “Wix” oil filters are the best at filtering and best oil flow. I found the cabin air filter under the hood, thanks to You Tube! I ordered one from Amazon and it will be here in two days! I got a great deal on this car, and after reading all of your reviews, I feel even greater and am thankful to learn about everyone's experiences. I pumped gas in my teens, changed oil, and have done about 100 brake jobs before joining the Air Force, back in 1972. So, I am probably a little more experienced at working on auto’s, but things have changed and I’m not familiar with all of the new technology, but I do enjoy taking care of the maintenance I can do, because I know it will be done right. Stay tuned!
I bought my 2005 Lesabre new from dealer. The car has been a piece of mind with fewer problems up until now, noticed that my check engine light is on took into a mechanic told me that the engine needs couple repairs done under (85,000miles). My Buick only burns 1 quart of oil doesn't have any oil leaks or no hesitation but I am replacing more brakes than ever now plus went by a AutoZone getting new master cylinder put in. It rides smooth like couch the interior lights beginning flicker as dash makes small rattling noise even rear headliner seems as liked somebody had fallen on roof of my car because at the edges has come apart looking getting it fix. Transmission still shifts well as engine performs great just only burns 1 quart oil not even haven't oil leaks. Dual climate A/C control quit working last month I had another mechanic looking at it saying I needed a new compressor and AC unit cost ($835.45) since my warranty has expired. The car exterior body is in good shape my Buick does run well having (155,000miles) one thing I really hate on this car is whoever thought about this must didn't think well or maybe a Monday morning after the Super Bowl I have too go in the rear of my passenger seats underneath car replacing a battery think its so crazy on whoever the engineered was at GM! I really like this car hope runs at least (200,000miles) drove this car across several states over the years never a problem up until now with few little minor things. LESABRE is spacious, comfortable, gets average of 28mpg and 23 city love my car its a beautiful vehicle which was the last year this car was made until Buick discontinued it. No matter how it gets my nerves or have to put money into it will keep this car until I drive it through the ground has original engine and transmission though my engine burns 1 quart of oil still runs like new. Buick is a solid vehicle well equipped though I have the Custom edition everything working fine except (wear and tear) I'm started off dealing with now other than the car has been extremely reliable and runs like new least it lasted 10 years.
Bought this 2005 in 2013 with 75k on it. Avg mileage 22mpg HORRIBLE. The care this car received from the first elderly owner was impeccable and now I'm driving it minimally but see no improvement in the mileage. Hwy or doesn't matter. It's HORRIBLE. Where is all the wonderfulness that I've been hearing about?? Yeh, the car is sturdy, smooth, quiet, and reliable. But it's a tank...a gas hog...and I'm going broke on it, driving less than 8k a year?? The latest ongoing saga with it is Nov'13' the gage said I needed a new gas cap/engine light accompanied this; Nov'14' exactly one year later the SAME thing. It took 6 caps, last year, to get the car to stop throwing codes. I hope this time is different, it's been 3 days since the cap was changed and the 2 codes still prevail. GRRRRRRR :(
I have over 200,000 miles on my car now. I have just had my first real issue, which was an overheating problem. Replaced some sensors, thermostat and a few other items. No longer have overheating.

My gas guage has recently stopped working (the needle doesn't indicate gas level) so I rely on the computerized information to determine my approx gas level. I do average over 30 mpg daily and on the hwy I average close to 33.

This is my 2nd Buick. Love my car.
I bought my 2005 Lesabre brand new from the Buick dealer. Right away it had transmission problems, but of course when they drove it they said they didn't notice it. Right away the car vibrated very bad. The dealer said that was just the way the car is made? Ive had 3 LeSebre's & NEVER did they run so rough! Also, right away after purchasing the car when it rains, at high speeds the brakes do not work on first try, you have to hit them again to begin to stop(very scary). Then in the middle of summer the heat came on & was stuck (could not turn it off) with never turning the heat on, coming out full blast. It always has run low on oil since about 3 months old. The dealer checked couldn't find any leaks. All the lights went out in the steering wheel at about 45,000 miles including all the lights for the heating & cooling controls went out before the warranty expired, the dealer "fixed it" then before 50,000 one by one they all went out again. The heated seats quit working while still under the 36,000 warranty the dealer fixed it but after the warranty expired they quit working again. When the car was only a little over 3 years old the tires began leaking air. Took it in, the chrome rims are so corroded they will not hold the air. The air bag sensor went out around 65,000. The back lights as well as the brake lights constantly go out as well as the front headlights but not quite as often. The ashtray has broke more than once(falls on the floor). One of the power outlets quit working, the heat vent on the passenger side does not work, also the center counsel will not stay shut.These are all things that starting falling apart at only a couple to few years old. Also at about 85,000 the speedometer went out. The auto shop said it was an error in that years model & in order to fix it, the dash has to be taken out & sent to another state to have it fixed, very expensive. He told me GM was paying for the repair but only up to 75,000(just my luck) Other than the "superficial" things... the engine appears to be holding up strong with only normal maintenance issues. Anyone else have these problems? I would like to keep this car till 200,000. My 2nd buick I ran till 188,000 before I sold it & it ran great! Im very disappointed in Buick for the 2005 Buick(im wondering if it was because the last year the model was made?) I have to add oil usually right before 3,000 miles before i get in to change it around 3,000. I found it weird,unsafe & inconvenient GM placed the battery underneath the back passenger's seat. Also, it is not vented properly or something because we get fumes of sulfur occasionally in the car even after putting in a new one. Also, the transmission is still an annoyance but im hoping now at 152,000 miles if it was going to go out completely, it would of by now (fingers crossed). The ashtray has broke more than once(falls on the floor). One of the power outlets quit working, the heat vent on the passenger side does not work, also the center counsel will not stay shut. PROS: at 155,000 miles the fuel pump, alternator, water pump still have not needed to be replace. Also, the battery lasted a good 7 years(wow).
Have a 2005 Buick Lasabre purchased new, oil changeed every 2-3 thousand miles. Last oil change notice the oil pressue would go to zero under hard accelartion. Slamming on the brake did not change, but after a few seconds the oil prussue would return to "normal" which is a stagger 130lb, which as been since new. I was wondering if this is an oil sending unit or a computer, or a oil pump, How do I check this out?
Bought the car in 2006 as a Certified Used Car from a GM dealer. Had 24,000 miles on it. Great vehicle. I am on the road a lot each week averaging 30 - 40K yearly. The car rides like a dream and the Stabili-trak system has saved my bacon on more than one occasion. Still averages close to 30mpg hiway and 24 city. I have found that as long as you keep to the published maintenance schedule the car performs great.

Vehicle now has 114,000 miles on it and runs great. There have been some cosmetic issues in the interior and on the dash. Many of the little lights in the radio and on the steering wheel are out and I need to replace the hinge on the center console. Also need to replace the stop on the ashtray. All these parts are dealer only and may wait a while for repair.

Only major repairs I have made was the CV joints replaced at about 100,000 miles. Have changed the rotors and pads a couple of times - bu that is just use. Replaced battery at the 4 year point.

Sorry to see this model taken off Buick's lineup.
I got my Buick used in 2006. It's an 05. I love my car. It runs very smooth and great on long trips. Really haven't had any problems with replacing anything except for now. The lower intake manifold gasket needs to be replaced and the transmission fluid is leaking. Other than that everything runs great.
All the lights in steering wheel don't work and the car is hard to stop at high speed. The heating and air is a poor design
I've never had a car with so many creaks and sqeaks.Obviously things are loosening up and causing noises.
Also loud wind noise
Very diappointed with all the noise in the passenger compartment
Bought used 4 years ago. No problems other than the two front half drive shafts needed new boots, so changed out for new units. Usual brake replacement. 95,000 miles. GM screwed up big time when they stopped making these full sized cars. Never less than 20-24mpg around town/mixed and 27-32+mpg on trips. No lead foot stuff. Fourth Buick LeSabre since 1996. Wish I could get a 2010....
I love cars made by Buick. I have owned my Baby for 4 year. This year is the first that I have had a repair cost other than brakes, and a tune-ups. My first was the Century. When you are from a cold place like Chicago, the heat in this car is EXCELLENT. I would recommend this car over others that I have owned in the past and present. For example, Ford Explore, Dodge Caravan and Dynasty.