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2001 Buick LeSabre (16 Reviews)
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I had an 1985 Buick Le Sabre. With 55 K miles. I inherited some money, so I bought a new Buick Le Sabre. 2001 I do miss the old velour seats. That car could turn on a dime. Better than my new one. On the freeway it really went. How about those old bumper guards. I got rear ended at a stop light. No damage to my car. Hers just bounced off, of my car with front damage. Yes I had a back register wire break. I took it to be fixed. Way too money. So a friend fixed it for free. Just took off the door panel, put on a new register, and that was it. He showed me where the wire had broken. Other than that, I have no complaints. I am 83, and want a smaller car. This one is too big to park in parking lots.
My 2001 lesbre has been one of the best car I've bought in a while the only problem I've had since day one was the fuel gauge bounce from empty to full which I took care of by replacing the fuel sender I bought from eBay for 27 dollars and it took me about 20 minutes to replace other than that I have no complaints
I bought my 2001 Buick Lesabre car at a small car dealership, one I've bought from before,here in my town. The check engine service soon came on and stayed on right after I bought it. So I took it back to the dealership to ask why and he checked it with his checker thingy and the light doesnt come on anymore but now the speedometer isn't working right, and it was before he checked the engine service light. The speedometer reads at least 30 miles over the actual speed I'm going. I was told it could cost me $200-300 to have it fixed at the dealership. Otherwise the car runs smooth and everything else seems to be working good.
Same here, gas gauge bounces to say Full when reaches about 1/2 full, driver side heated seat - not working; dash buckled - I glued it back down and put a dash pad on top. But I love it! Got it used on Ebay for $4500, 2001 Limited, 58,000 miles. Runs great, no rust, minor scratches. Will definitely keep it!!
I have read some of the blogs and I can tell u this.u guys can save a lot of money by more the gas gage going to full to empty. Here's the thinf a new fuel pump off eBay and one hour anyone can do it..I fixed mine for 50.00 and .now it's not for everyone but most problems.can be fixed if u just look up the issue
I bought my 2001 Buick Lesabre from a dealership in Boynton Beach,fl with one prior owner and 60,000 miles on it. I have had problems recently with the watrer pump seeming to leek xoolant from somewhere, replaced water pump and still loosing coolant. I was told by Pep Boys to use dex cool on my last oil change and since then I have had a jerking in my engine at start. i read a bit on dexcool causing these problems. Go to and it will show you all compaints on this product. Also always replacing my power window mechanisms, always breaking and very expensive!!! I also hear a grinding noise in my front wheel hub and it was diagnosed yesterday as a rusted front hub assembly. They told me i should replace both sides at $200 each! My gas gauge isnt working, it jumps up and down and i always have to fill it when it starts to bob. Estimate for that a whole new fuel pump and sensor attached (cost $700) I love my Buick but I am dissapointed if this Dexcool product is sabotaging my car :(
I have had my 2001 for 3 + years and I have 111K miles on it, the only flaw I have is the dashboarf has come loose and is bulging up in the center. makes it look terrible.
done minimal maintenance above the regular PM ( oil changes)
I liked the Buick (my first Buick ever) so well I bought a new 2009 lucern for my wife.
we now have to geezermobuicks as the kids call them.
my bext new car?----- a BUICK
I absolutely love my LeSabre. It now has 195,000 miles. I did need to replace the tranny at 70K and the dash is now separating at the windshield, but I love the roominess, comfort and great gas mileage. I would buy another in a heartbeat if they still made them!
Good comfortable car. Fuel economy is good for vehicle's size, and engine power is also good. Suspension needed replacement after a 100k, and other normal wear and tear items. I do not trust the transmission though, has needed some repair and has some noise, belive to be a bearing going. I do like that the vehicle is easy to work on, plenty of room under the hood.
Our 2001 LeSabre Has 40K miles. The power windows are a constant problem with the faulty accuators breaking all the time. Also, the gas gauge quit working ages ago and just reads full all the time. The front end makes a grinding noise, not the brake pads, I assure you. And, last but not least, the engine has started dying without any warning at any given moment. It will start again, but it can take between 1-10 minutes. I like Buicks and this Lesabre looks and rides fine and has alot of great standard features for creature comfort, but, with all these problems it leaves me doubting Buicks reliability and the decision to buy this one.

purchased mine used from f & t motors at 76,000 in shop time after time trans just went now spent 5000 in 15 months on repairs and in shop now again shame on gm
I love this car. Beautiful. We have had problems. Blown Head Gasket and we are now having rough shifting gears and anticipate a transmission issue. Still love this car!!! 111,000 miles 7/24/2010
A headache.
This is my first Buick. Excellent road car. No problems in 65,000 miles. Very comfortable. Drive is smooth, quiet, and car performs effortlessly. Gas mileage ranges from 27-31 on the road and about 20 in town. Will buy another Buick.
Very comfortable ride, classy looking car. I get 26-31 MPG.