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2000 Buick LeSabre (13 Reviews)
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the 2000 buick lesabra limited is by far the best car i have ever owned!28mpg, sure i had a few maintance issues but expected it now has over 300,000 miles and yes that is the original engine and tranny, i have changed oil every 3000 miles, and i adapted to the fuel gage sticking on full all the time 3 water pumps isn't that bad when you consider there's 300,000 miles on the car. i am sorry to see that generation of luxury go.
Repairing the stabilizer system in my 2000 Buick La Sabre. Would like as much help as I can get. Never done it before and not a mechanic.
when I first got this car I was super impressed. Heard great things about the engine. Bought it used at 48k. Had it checked and rechecked by mechanic, nearly new condition. Fast forward.... Inner and outter tie rods replaced, window regulator/motors replaced twice, 2 Ignition Coils, Leak from Manifold area, Brakes needing replacement more often than any other car I have ever owned, eats through rotors, compressor for the suspension system failed at 50k, power steering pump failure, rack and pinion replacement, security system keeps malfunctioning, etc.

The engine itself is great, its everything else that keeps failing.
The 2001 Buick LeSabre has been great on gas and has been our most reliable vehicle since my 1995 Olds Cutlass convertible with 250000 mile when it finally needed more work than a newer vehicle would cost. 2001 Cadillac Eldorado was junk and the 2003 Ford Exploder (not sp) was even worse. The window regulators on the Buick are as one person wrote a joke. You could by a box and replace one a month and never stop. The gas mileage and ride are superb and we have had no engine problems except Air Conditioner. The seat at 160000 miles is starting to get low (could be mice but, that is my own issue. They built nests in the heating ducts and got in through the passenger cabin filter housing.) We are on our second battery since 2005 and would have bought a new Buick except the new ones get worse ratings than the old ones.
I have a 2000 Buick Lesabre Limited that had been my fathers. This car has only 41000 miles on it as dad did not drive it much. He bought it new from dealer, always garaged, always serviced per owners manual at dealer. It can be a good car when running properly, but this car's durability is worst of any car I have owned. Transmission had to be replaced at only 31000 miles, by far lowest miles of any brand vehicle I have ever owned, and GM and dealer were no help. Apparently the left rear window regulators tend to fail even though they are not used much - have seen this on friends cars. I had a 10 wk period last year when car had to be repaired 4x, mileage only 30-35000 at time. front seat heater failed shortly after I began driving car, about 23000 miles, dealer says over $400 to fix. Would not buy a Buick based on this experience.
engine not running 3 windows moters not working drive side view broken needs 4 new tires air not working
perfetto in tutti i sensi
My 1st new Buick was in 1961 and I've had over 20 new Buicks since then. I never had any problem with any of them,ever. Now that I'm retired and bought my last 2000 Buick LeSabre Limited, this car is making up for all those trouble free years of proud Buick ownership. It has been and continues to be a problem plagued vehicle. The problems are too numerous to list. I continue pouring money into the repairs because I do love everything else about the car and the new cars don't fit me like this car does. This car has every option that some new cars don't even offer. It just turned 67000 miles and I'm not justified in trading it in todays economy. My previous Buick was a 1989 Riviera that had 140,000 miles on it and all I ever did to that car was lube, oil, filters, and tire rotations like all my other Buicks. This one is getting even with me for all those past years. Shame!
Great car overall. The electric windows however are a joke - in 10 years we've had to replace all 4 motors plus replace the master control switch plus replace the other 3 individual control switches. The catalytic converter died on us twice, but was replaced under warranty each time - last time was on the last day of the 8 year warranty on it. As for the poster getting only 1 mpg, it's probably the main computer control module. We had that die on us in the 1st year & mileage dropped from 24 down to 10, so they replaced the computer which fixed the problem. Again, fortunately it was under warranty, otherwise an $800 or so repair.
I think that the buicks suck. Im not a fan of US made cars but i still gave it a try. I have had this 2000 Buick LeSabre for 1 year now. I paid 7,000 for it and put about 4,000 in work into it. all of the windows stop working. The motors sounds like it a race car with a loud noise everytime i hit the gas,(not in a good way). the gas meter stop working. its all ways on full, even when i know its not. the trunk stop working, the only way to open it is with a key. The a/c commpressor just gave out. the head gasket leaks on to the engine causing a bad smell, the gas pedal sticks at time making it tough to brake. and the stock radio sucks
The catalytic converter died after 30,000 miles.
After 3 years the driver side power window died. One month later the passenger side power window died. 2 years later the rear driver side power window died. 1 week after that the rear passenger power window died. About 2004 the switch for the light dimmer broke. 2007 the motor that diverts the heat into the car died.
The accelerator has been sticking
Over all not to impressed.
I have always liked the Buick, has all the bells and whistles, this 2000 model was revamped in 2000 they did a good job with it. I have had not an ounce of problems with mine, and you cannot fault the 3.8 engine, they have been around for years....What an engine!!