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1990 Buick LeSabre owners review and rate their 1990 Buick LeSabre.

1990 Buick LeSabre (5 Reviews)
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I bought a used 1990 LeSebre in 1997. It was a GREAT car!!! I sold it at about 180,000 miles and at 180,000 miles it ran better & smoother than my 2005 LeSabre brand new! The ONLY problem I had with the car besides normal maintenance was a rocker broke loose in the engine resulting in only 5 cylinders working. I could still drive it but it naturally was a "bumpy" ride lol. I took it to our mechanic & they was able to get it out & replaced it at the cost of only $125!!
when i start the car it runs for 30-45mins then stalls. after about 30-60 mins later it will start back up a run. i have changed all kind of parts out and now it will start then stall. i have put code reader on it b4 i changed parts and it still reads code 41. PLEASE HELP ME IM SPENDING MONEY
My Buick Lesabre is actually a 1989 and at present has 413,000 miles on it. Always had regular oil changes and transmission fluid changes. It was an outstanding car,great on highway road trips. Still has original transmission but has problems now,cannot complain with that mileage. Engine still strong and smooth,now car is used for short trips around town,no longer reliable for extended trips. I would buy another Buick without hesitation. Mechanics who have seen mileage on this car are amazed.
my old boss has a 99 lesabre and i used to drive that back and forth to work now i dont work with him no more i had to buy one i have had alot of cars in my life and i'll never go back i'll run this tell it blows then i'll just buy another one so if would need to relax while u drive get a buick
I've had my 1990 Lesabre for almost 4 years and drive it daily. It has been very reliable. The odometer broke at 129k and I've replaced brakes, battery, radiator, water pump, front axle. Parts are inexpensive gets 22 miles per gallon on average.