2007 Buick LaCrosse Reviews and Owner Comments

2007 Buick LaCrosse owners review and rate their 2007 Buick LaCrosse.

2007 Buick LaCrosse (4 Reviews)
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I bought this car from my grandmother before she died. it a 2007 Lacrosse. it only had 22000 miles on it. it has always had a musty, mildew smell. especially after it rained. I started going through the trunk looking for this smell and found out that the trunk leaks water in right above the tail lights. I've made appointment with the dealership. This is defiantly a poor design. Hopefully they fix it. Also clunking when I true the steering wheel.
Though I only have 30k on my CXS, it has been a dependable car. Handles well, looks great and has some power with the 3.6. I have experienced the common gas cap and steering "clunk" problems which were addressed by the dealer as well as a faulty speed sensor, all within the last 5k miles. This is my third Buick since a 1984 Regal and they all have been comfortable, reliable, low maintenance vehicles.
I have been driving my 2007 LaCrosse for over 3 and a half years and the only issue I have is when I roll down the window the car gets a mildew smell, especially after a rain storm. Other tha that it has driven me through Western Ny weather like a champ.
I just bought this car last week, traded a 2000 Buick LeSabre for this 2007 Buick LaCross, I wish I had my other Buick back! I'm not happy with this car, with the air on it has no power, it keeps hesitating , I keep thinking it is going to die any minute. If I can get rid of this car, I will!!